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Madame Warrior has now merged with Fashion At Large. Madame Warrior, a blog where I can express my love for all things fashion, fitness, travel and experiences of being a new mother. Founded originally in late 2014 as a hobby / way to capture my thoughts; has since turned into a passion of mine.

A typical Madame Warrior read would be the “everyday” woman who loves to stay up to date with affordable & unique fashion finds. I recently became the mother of the perfect, most lovable baby boy and have expanded with “Mommy Life” and “Mommy Stories”, where I share the every day experiences of motherhood. Ultimately creating a place where women can come together for ideas, tips, stories and ultimately share their experiences as well.

Howdy! My name is Laura.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I recently just turned 30….I know, I am still getting used to it myself. I am a Southern California native, New York City transplant. I was born and raised in a small suburb city about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles. I was a total tomboy growing up , yet always loved my dresses and of course, heels and cowboy boots. Fashion has always been a passion of mine since as far back as I can recall.

I believe in doing what you love, working hard and the success will follow.

If you are interested in sponsoring or collaborating with me, email me madamewarriornyc@gmail.com


I’m the oldest of four; a sister and two younger brothers.

My sister, Adrianne, is my natural born best friend. I couldn’t imagine life with any other sidekick cracking jokes on me growing up. Wait! She still does that. She inherited that quick and witty humor gene that I missed out on. Aside from always being my best friend who can deliver a sharp joke in a moments notice, she is the one I know I can call any time day or night to share great news, shed some tears or simply vent to. She’s one who knows all my silly behaviors and loves them anyhow. She is my ally for life and my forever. Simply put, no matter where we end up in life, whether near or far, we have that bond that can never be broker.


As many may or may not know, Joseph and I have known each other since high school, although we aren’t high school sweethearts. We first grew as friends, until Joseph one December decided to make the next move during one of my visits home to California from the east coast. Haha! And a love story began. We have now been together…… drum roll…… going on seven years and just recently welcomed our bundle of joy.
Joseph surely is my partner and one of my biggest supporters. He stands strong and encourages me more than I can wish; my crazy, wild and random ideas; and believe me, some are out there. He is my rock who keeps me standing tall when I am in doubt or feeling beaten. He is my warm hug, shoulder to cry on and yet the weirdo I can be silly with and appreciates all my quirkiness.

He has a passion for cars, Porshe above any others. He has a love for the beach and warmer weather. He enjoys watching chick flicks, but pretends he is merely watching for my sake. Haha!


Spiffy McMiffy came into our lives in 2013. He was born on February 17, 2013 in Ohio. Our lives were never again the same, in an amazing way of course. Anyone who knows Spiffy can attest that he is a ball of energy, loving, forever curious and always wants to be in the know. He is loving, cuddly and we wouldn’t ask for him to be any other way.

Ernie Bernie came into our lives on April 5, 2014. Entirely unplanned but truly a blessing. Joseph, Spiffy and I had gone to Petsmart to have an alarm removed from a ThunderVest we has previously purchased spiffy for an upcoming trip. It would be our luck that Petsmart was hosting a Pet Adoption Day. I intentionally attempted not to look over or make any eye contact, because if I had it my way, I would have taken all the pups home with us. As I returned to the doorway where Spiffy and Joseph were waiting, Joseph pointed over at, who was then named Snoopy. Once I laid my eyes on him I wanted to hold him. Once I had held him in my arms, I knew there was no going back, he was meant to be a part of our family.