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Costa Rica, What to See & Do

1. San Jose: Costa Rica’s capital is located in the center of the country making it a great hub. None the less, the city doesn’t require much time as it is sort of gritty and there isn’t whole lot to do. Note: I did enjoy the flea markets. 2. Zip-line: through he cloud forest. Truly an experience of a lifetime. Speaking for myself, It was a bit frightening but an experience I am sure glad I am I did, as it was as well so freeing.

3. Monte Verde; Mingle with the locals. Enjoy the day beach side sipping on some cocktails and munching on some calamari.

4. La Fortuna: Hike the rainforest. I definitely would not recommend going in alone without an experienced tour guide, however an experience I would not surpass.

5. Natural Hot Springs: That is all I need to say here. The experience speaks for itself.

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