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Spontaneous Sunday night out….

Alright! So we don’t do this much, more like never….however, last Sunday we decided to be a bit spontaneous, get dressed up and head out to The Standard for some drinks and dancing past our bedtime, Haha! 
We arrived around around 10:30 pm and one our initial thoughts was how empty the dance venue was. We figured we would stay for a drink or two, get some dancing in and head out. After all, the place was pretty dead. The funny part about the night was that we just aren’t used to going out often, especially on a Sunday night. It sure wasn’t the case that the venue was dead, it was just that we were “that early”. Around midnight, the place was lit, or whatever you call it these days. None the less, we ended up staying until about 2:30 AM and had ourselves a great time. 

Dress is from AKIRA CHICAGO (similar) and heels are from ALDO (similar). These heels are by far one of the most versatile , yet comfortable heels I own. Love them. 

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