Okay, so I have had about a 2-4 pack for some time but have really been working for the past five months or so on that third row of abs. Surely and slowly they are coming about. 

Its been dedication in the gym for the most part, because anyone who knows me well, knows I don’t want to change what and how much I eat. I would rather put in the extra time being active than change my diet. Hello! I am a foodie and eating is where I find much of my joy. Haha. 

I have found that my ab routine cannot merely consist of sit ups alone. 

My ab routine 2-4x a week; 
1: As mentioned above, sit up’s aren’t everything. Yes, I still attempt to work in about 100-250 sits a workout, however have added in obliques, lower back and transverse workouts as well. I have found that this has really made the biggest difference. Beware, if you’re anything like me, take it easy on lower back workout when you begin. I dove right in and could barely move the next few days. 

2: For upper/ lower back an oblique workouts, stand up. I have seen much greater success while doing standing rather than laying down workouts. 

3: As well, as mentioned above, I didn’t and don’t want to change when and how much I eat. Therefore, my motto for myself is, “Eat better, not less”. Protein, dark leafy greens, rich fibers, etc and I load up with as large of servings of them as I want. Yes, I still indulge in dessert and pizza. I refuse to count calories and limit what I eat. I simply attempt to load up on healthier options first and believe me, after a while, your body gets used to it and the cravings are significantly reduced. 

Bikini: Victoria Secret 

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