The moment I saw the faintest double line on that pregnancy test denial and fear kicked in. Initially I was in denial of course I figured it was nothing. I would get my period tomorrow. However, the slightest “maybe” in the back of my mind had be running to Google and researching the brand of tests to see what was said about a very faint double line. Sure enough, it said, no matter how faint, it was a positive. I continued to be in denial for about 8 days to be exact. Each day I again took another home pregnancy test and the line grew darker each day. Eventually followed up with a doctor visit for the final confirmation I internally was seeking.Sure enough, it was a positive.

I now was looking forward to sharing the news with Joseph, but the question was how?

I at first pondered a few different ideas on how I can share the exciting news with him. During this time, I as well as listening to a lot of music to relax my own mind. Ironically, one song that really struck me was Creed’s With Arms Wide Open. The lyrics were personally perfect for everything I was feeling.
For the two weeks prior to sharing the news with Joseph, I would close my eyes and just think about how my life was about to change in all the best ways. I would pray to God that I could be the mother that this little one deserved, have a heart with enough love to give and provide the type of life I had always envisioned. Although it was exciting, nervousness as well set in. I would sit for long periods of time and just try tears of joy, nervousness of the unknown and excitement. I am sure that the pregnancy hormones were partially to blame for this.

I would sit and think about how this time next year, we will have a little baby boy or girl.

So naturally, one afternoon as I was sitting processing please reoccurring thoughts with you streaming down my face and this song came on, it fit so perfectly.

I decided to take Joseph out to dinner, enjoy a nice meal and after dinner have him place on the earphones and I would play the song for him. I wasn’t sure whether he would catch onto the news with the merely the song alone. So, I as well slid across the table small box and within it, there was a lentil bean and a note that read, “This is how big your baby is right now”.

Of course he was excited and broke out into tears, although he most likely wouldn’t like me to share that part of the story. 😊

Following on our walk home from the restaurant, the planning and excitement began; What we wanted to do and needed to do to prep. Doctors appointments, how I found out, how long I knew, and so on.

In case you were wondering why it took me so long to share the news with him, partially was due to my initial denial and second of all, our six-year-old niece was here visiting when I found out. In addition to the repeated tests before I definitely accepted the news myself, I wanted the moment I shared the news with him to be special. And that didn’t consist of dropping the news over dinner with my niece at Chuckie Cheese.

As we got home that evening and the excitement settled then, we share the news with our two little four-legged babies. I believe they accepted the news rather well. Haha.

How did you break the news to your partner?

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