A little Hungry

When it comes to satisfying your appetite during pregnancy, I say listen to your baby and your body. I didn’t really have morning sickness, nor gain much weight in the first trimester….about 2 lbs; but now have a ravishing appetite. I have always eaten a serving size larger than the average norm, but lately I have an appetite to feed two hungry adults. When I don’t eat large portions and or often, I quickly get light headed, dizzy and feel weak. 

​What I am trying to do about it: 

  • Trying to select healthier options

    • Breakfast: Usually consists of a few scoops of chia seeds soaked in water and a full peeled fresh mango. 
    • Lunch: Varies between a soy gilled cheese with a pickle and potato chips, salad or Thai takeout. Oh! and of course a cookie. 
    • Dinner: Really this varies every day and really hard to contain myself as I am always hungry. 
  • Stay Hydrated– Doula recommended that I drink at least 150 oz per day. 
  • Eat frequently. Between meals I am usually snacking on protein bars/ shakes, nuts, bananas/ fruit or peanut butter banana sandwiches. Yes, occasionally sweets. 
  • Have snacks on you when you leave the house- As I am normally on the go, I usually have a snack or two in my backpack. 
  • Indulge every now and then. Unfortunately for myself, although I have no one to blame but myself, I indulge far too often. Just about anytime I want a certain dish or another serving, I am right there helping myself to it. I will see about having more discipline in this area as the pregnancy progresses. 

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