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The Baker and the Bun in the oven…

So I am 6 months pregnant this halloween and had always wanted to dress as “The Baker and the Bun in the oven”. 
Of course, there are so many creative and cute ideas out there for the preggers, none the less after debating between a few, I still decided to set upon the one idea I had always thought, “if I am ever pregnant on halloween..”. 

So, of course this costume is not readily sold in your local Halloween costume store, therefore I decided to rely on my creative skill set and attempt to make it myself. 

After a  visit to Kmart, Michael’s Craft store and Staples office supplies; I set into motion to create this masterpiece. 

– Black t-shirt

Michael’s Craft Store
– A few panels of felt for the cupcake
– Sequences for the cupcake
– Colored gel to use as the outline

Staples Office Supplies 
– Big Box ( I looked high and low for the box in white but had to settle with the traditional brown box as i ran out of time). 

Some other creative and cutie maternity Halloween costumes: 

  • Basketball
  • I am “Preggo” 
  • Gumboil dispenser 
  • Humpty Dumpty 
  • Kangaroo with little too in pouch ( I as well highly considered this one)
  • Skeleton with a baby skeleton in the image
  • Doctor Seuss’s Thing 1 , Thing 2
  • Mummy with baby’s eye’s peeking through the mummy wrappings
  • Winnie the Pooh 

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