Before I was expecting, I had wished for a summer pregnancy so that I may flaunt the cute baby bump in fashion forward form fitting dresses.
None the less, I am due March 1st and it is winter in NYC as I finally get a baby bump to love and flaunt.The last thing I wanted to do was feel even bigger than I am by wearing bulky clothing to keep warm in the dead of winter dressing for two. ​
Below are my recommendations for winter stables to keep warm and stylish during pregnancy.
1. Layering
Load up on the layers. I added tanks and long sleeve t-shirts to my wardrobe in basic colors. I  always add one to two under whatever outfit I am rocking that day. I personally just used regular tanks and tees. I didn’t go splurge on these items being maternity wear.
2. Leggings / Stockings 
Whether it be pants or a dress that I am rocking to the office that day (mostly dresses these days), I just about always have a pair of leggings underneath. I kept using the regular fit for as long as they could manage to reach at least half way over my baby belly. I personally don’t like them sitting under my belly as they tend to roll down constantly. I have eventually needed to move onto maternity leggings.3. Ponchos 
I have reached for the poncho and large sweaters I have had in my wardrobe. They have been a life saver and so comfy for a “Casual Friday” at work or simply running an errand.

4. Maternity Jeans/ Slacks
I was able to squeeze into my regular pants and work slacks until the end of my 6th month, managing to still button them. However, once I purchased my first pair of maternity jeans, I was hooked. They are so comfortable. I only have one pair of maternity jeans and they are so versatile with any top, a few pairs a maternity leggings, one pair of maternity corduroy pants (because they were on sale) and one pair of work slacks, simply because some days are just too cold to wear dresses to work. I personally love and recommend the over belly type. I have found that the type that sit on your hips simply don’t work for me. They constantly ride down as I move or walk.

5. Blazers
I simply used the blazers that I already had in my wardrobe, however have relied on them a lot. You can dress up any outfit with a blazer to create some structure to those loose fitting maternity tops.

6. Slip-on Shoes
Although I have managed to regularly and comfortably still wear heels, putting on my shoes is a different story with my growing belly. I have been fortunate that Joseph has been so attentive with helping me put on, lace up and / or buckle my shoes. None the less, when I am alone or simply for ease, slip-on’s have been a life saver.

What are some of your recommended pregnancy winter must haves?

Please do share.  ​

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