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Birth Plan

Of course, having a birth plan is an outline of how you would like things to go during your baby’s birth, including your preferences on pain relief, positions in labour, interventions and so on. Creating a plan and keep it flexible to make modifications on it through the pregnancy. It is not set in stone and you can change your mind about anything, at any time before and during labour. None the less, I find a relief in having my plan and references written down and shared with medical staff to ensure that they are on board with my preferences before the big day. 

Things to Include on the plan : 
Type of Birth- What type of birth would you like to have if no risks are associated to you or baby. Vaginal/ Cesarean, Medicated/ Unmedicated?

Pain Relief- What kind of pain relief do you prefer and in what order. If you are going for a natural unmedicated labor, listed unmedicated pain relief, such as breathing techniques, positions, movements, etc; you can list them here.

Unmedicated Relief
    •    Breathing Techniques
    •    Walking / Movement
    •    Acupressure 
    •    Acupuncture 
    •    Gas 
    •    Water Submersion (Shower/ Bath) 
    •    Hypo birthing/ meditation 
    •    Birthing Ball
    •    Essential Oils 
    •    Heat/ Ice packs
    •    Massage
Medicated Relief
    •    Epidural 
    •    Spinal Block 
    •    Anesthetics
    •    Etc
I knew that I didn’t want to begin counting calories or limiting what I ate due to the fear of gaining too much weight through the pregnancy, therefore a simply worked on maintaining a regular workout routine. Of course, I spoke about this with my midwife and insured I had her approval the entire time. 

Prior to finding out that I was pregnant, I had been working out on a regular basis, so it wasn’t as if i simply begun pushing myself when I became pregnant.

Up until the beginning of the seventh trimester, I would run approximately 4 miles about 3 to 5 times a week in addition to my regular walking getting to and from work/running errands on a daily basis. Of course my runs ended up getting slower with time, but I definitely believe keeping active helped with my energy level remain consistent through the pregnancy. December 4 was the last day I completed a short slow run and due to becoming is Physically tired quickly, there after decided to rely on my regular daily walking, which has averaged about 3 to 5 miles a day. 

Overall, I would say that my diet is relatively healthy aside from my love / need for sweets and large portions. Haha

In a few more weeks, I will learn how much this has or hasn’t helped me with the delivery

During Labor

This is where you would like notes such as;  
– What to wear
– Walk around 
– Request to snack and drink     water/  gatorade
– Fetal monitoring 
​- Photos/ videos 
During Delivery 

This is where you would like notes such as; 
– Request /avoid
– Change positions

– Use/ Avoid forceps/ 
– Birth pause 

After Delivery

This is where you would like notes such as; 
– Delayed chord clamping
– Blood bank
– Keep placenta for encapsulation
– Skin to skin
– No bathing your baby
– Breast feeding/ formula feed

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