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Like most major events in life, the party that goes along with the milestone is often one of the best parts. This is our first child and we were blessed and thankful to have been given 4 baby showers. Of course deciding on a baby shower outfit can be a challenge itself. I personally struggled with this as I wanted to show of my baby bump which I was loving, feel comfortable, yet dressy and match the theme of the shower.

California Baby Shower:
We originally are form California and now live across country in NYC, so my mother and sister planned our initial baby shower for us back in California with our closest family and friends. Although California is no where near as cold in the winter as the east coast can get, the day our shower was scheduled, December 3rd, we had some pretty major Santa Ana winds along with a good chill. With that being said, we had to cram inside the house and we had a pretty large guest list. None the less, this didn’t end up being the issue as we had imagined. We were a little cozier than anticipated, but it helped in setting the ambiance for more conversations, catching up and so on.

The theme to our baby shower were baby elephants, peanuts and provided that we do not know the gender of out little peanut;  the color scheme was grey, pink and blue.

At 7 months pregnant for this shower, I opted for a fitted rose scuba dress from ASOS Maternity. It hugged my baby bump just right and as well was classy and feminine.
For our NYC baby shower, I again turned to ASOS Maternity for a looser fitted floral dress as I was now 8 months along.

At work, I was taken by surprise and given a baby shower. I can surely tell you that the nature of this genuine surprise swept my off my feet and I had turned rosy red blushing and embarrassingly enough, between you and I, I had snorted with the element of surprise.

At this shower, being almost 9 months along in the pregnancy, there was little I had felt comfortable and presentable in. It was a regular work day, and I had worn black ASOS maternity slacks, a grey ASOS maternity ruffle top and a regular White House Black Market black blazer.

I apologize about the photos being a fuzzy here as they were captured without focus as I walked into the room.

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