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Letter To My Unborn

To my little bambino, 

I cannot believe that you are almost here and just the thought of your arrival makes me quite emotional, anxious, and excited and then some. We have been waiting 9 long, yet quick months to learn what you are, see what characteristics you have inherited and hold you close. 

Although I had always been unsure whether I wanted to be a human mother, I cannot wait to be your mama. God surely has his ways of planning for each of us. While it is still difficult for me to fully grasp how much life as I have known it, will truly change; I cannot imagine a day without you. 

Ahh, and just wait until you meet your dad. Although he can at times be hot tempered J, he is deep down, one of the most loving, caring individuals. I just know he will make a great daddy and is equally excited to meet you.
So, in one month from today, give or take, we look forward to welcoming you to life on earth. I will strive to always surround you with love, positivity and the best that I can and then some. May you be inspired to learn, grow, think outside of the box and for yourself, be loving and positive minded and most importantly; believe in your ability to achieve absolutely anything that you set your mind to. 

I am counting down the next 27 days….give or take. 

Love Always,
Your MAMA <3

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