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So here it is! Finally, Baby Q’s nursery reveal! It’s taken a long time to complete, but I am so grateful to Buy Buy BabyWayfair and shower gifts for helping assemble and outfit this room together. As you know, we went with a elephant/ zoo theme and a neutral / grey color scheme aimed at calming the little peanut, but as well versatile with either gender. Coordinating the room was a bit of a challenge being that we live in Manhattan, NYC. As many know, NYC apartments are tiny. We had lucked out that our apartment is other on the large side for being in the city, however it was still a one bedroom. We had a long living room, which we ended up splitting with a bookshelf wall to make the front half Baby Q’s nursery.
Honestly, I was a bit bummed that we were giving up the living room view of the WTC, however thankful that we were still able to provide Baby Q their own nursery to come home to. 

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  1. Sarah
    June 8, 2017 / 10:56 am

    Thanks for the idea. We like in ny also in Brooklyn and really want a nursery

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