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Expect the Unexpected

Surely it can be said that pregnancy is one of the most incredible experiences to have. The fact that a little human is growing within you is miraculous all within itself.
Aside from the miracle aspect of pregnancy, it can be a roller coaster of crazy hormones, surprises and the unexpected. No matter how much you read, how many classes you take, plan and prep; there are bound to be curveballs thrown your way.


  1. I had mixed reactions and denial when I first found out I was pregnant. I had figured I would one day have a baby but when that would be was always so distant.
The moment I saw the faintest double line on that pregnancy test denial and fear kicked in. Initially I was in denial of course and figured it was nothing. I would get my period tomorrow. However, the slightest “maybe” in the back of my mind had be running to Google and researching the brand of tests to see what was said about a very faint double line. Sure enough, it said, no matter how faint, it was a positive. I continued to be in denial for about 8 days to be exact. Each day I again took another home pregnancy test and the line grew darker each day. Eventually I was pretty positive I was pregnant, however was filled will nerves and some fear, and yes….excitement. I was nervous and a bit fearful about the timing and whether I would be cut for parenthood quite frankly.
As for timing; each passing year, I kept telling myself perhaps in another 5 years, that eventually shrunk down to 3 years, but regardless was always  LATER. I can now confidently say, “the timing was perfect”. Blessings truly do come in God’s timing.

For whether I would be cut for parenthood; I never felt that I had that natural nurturing loving maternal trait/ instinct that I see in just about every mother including my own. I didn’t grow up aspiring to get married and begin a family. I didn’t like baby talk or would cringe at the sound of a crying kid. I didn’t  react in awe at the first sight of a baby. My mom had always told be that it would be different when I had my own and she couldn’t be more right. I am head over heels for our little boy and feel like my heart can burst with how much love I have for him. I am guilty of baby talk and spending a good portion of every now shopping or planning for him rather than myself. Motherhood is truly selfless and I am so grateful for the blessing. I now cannot imagine going back to how life was prior, without our little ducky.

2. I had a lot more energy than I expected I would
Aside from the first trimester when I needed a daily nap, I had plenty of energy. Yes, towards the end I as well would tire easily due to the load I was carrying around and how busy I chose to keep myself, but would start my day with energy. With that said, I would plan all that I needed to accomplish for the day earlier in the day as by early afternoon, I would be ready to sit and relax.

3. Getting ready for work in the morning was a nightmare for a good portion of pregnancy
I had dreamt about the experience of being pregnant and getting all dressed up and loving my baby bump. The first trimester, I hardly showed at all. However, for a good portion of the second trimester, I felt like I was stuck in a funk. I was bigger than my normal self of course, but didn’t have a big belly making it obvious I was pregnant. I felt like I just looked chubby vs pregnant. During this phase, maternity close weren’t really necessary because regular clothes still had fit,  yet were  becoming less and less flattering. It pretty much wasn’t until my third trimester when it was pretty clean that I had a baby bump. Small, yet a baby bump.

4. Baby movements & kicks never became painful or unbearable
I had heard so many stories about how uncomfortable and painful baby movements would become at the end of pregnancy. Yes, I eventually became uncomfortable in the last two weeks or so, but was mostly due to his size. None the less, his movements themselves were never uncomfortable or painful.

5. Baby flipped 
Yes I said it. He flipped. He was head down up until the 36th week and decided to turn breach. That experience, worrisome and anxiety is entirely another story.

6. Labor was not as I expected it
I had planned a natural unmedicated birth in a birthing center, however due to the little one turning breach, I was risked out of the birthing center and would need to give birth in L&D. Regardless of the curveball, having taken hypnobirthing classes and planning I still envisioning this calm labor
– Peacefully going to a walk(s) outside ……walking the baby further down and out,
– In between contractions rolling around on my medicine ball,
– Finding comfort in the water ,
– Peacefully roaming around our apartment while laboring,
– For some reason expected labor to last over 24 hours,
– When the baby was born, I had planned to pull him up and find out the sex of our baby

I suppose I can say labor was calm for the most part and the little walking I did most likely had a significant impact, however
– I definitely had no desire to walk whatsoever. I was dreading walking to and from the bathroom let alone wanting to go outside for a stroll.
– By the time I sat on my medicine ball, it was more than uncomfortable and a contraction was then coming on just about every minute or two.
– I decided to take a hot shower, 1) simply to shower for the day and 2) in attempt to alleviate the back pain; instead I was taken to my hands and knees during contractions. The heat/ water make it all the more painful.
– My mom was in town anticipating the arrival of the little one, which I am thankful for; however with that, I did not feel comfortable moving around rooms during labor in the state I was in.
– I had thought surely and unfortunately labor would last over 24 hours and thankfully was instead 17.
– As for pulling my baby up and learning of his sex, I felt robbed of this one as I was told that he was a boy regardless of asking and stating numerous times, not to tell us.

None the less, I am thankful and so in love with our healthy, active, alert and curious baby boy.

Where there experiences you had during pregnancy that you hadn’t expected? Please do share.

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  1. Farrah
    June 8, 2017 / 10:58 am

    This is great. My baby flipped also at 38 weeks and due any day now. Hoping she turns in time.

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