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Newborn photography

I would think that all new parents what photos of their newborn to capture the first few moments or days or your little one’s life. However, finding a photographer in in your area, within your budget with the experience you are seeking can be a challenge.

Provided my own experience planning a week before our little peanut’s due date for the newborn photoshoot, the below are the tips I would pass along to any other new parent.

When should you begin looking for the photographer? I would recommend before your baby is born. These are photos that you want to capture within the first few days of life and after your little one is born, you are so consumed with getting adjusted to the little one, the new schedule, resting and so on. Time passes quickly and wouldn’t want to wait too long before taking the photos.Where should you look for the photographer? I think think this one is rather straight forward. If you don’t already have some photographers which had been recommended, simply start with a Google search.

How soon after baby being born should I take the newborn photos? Provided that they are newborn photos, I would recommend within the first week, up to ten days or so. Newborns change so quickly and even I noticed how much the little one changed within one week alone.

How much do newborn photos range? With this, I would really say it depends on what region of the country you live in. However I would say at least a few hundred dollars. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, if you were offered a deal of $50 for all the photos taken, I would steer away from this deal. On the research I have done in New York City, I would say the estimates range from $250-$600. Of course there were packages that stretched beyond that but as well included far more prints and/or canvases and so on.

How do you know if I photographer is qualified? I would recommend reviewing their portfolio and their previous reviews.

Questions to ask: 
– Does a photographer have experience with babies?
– Are they a lot enough time to shoot the photos with the baby who is on an unpredictable schedule?
– Is there work clear and shot in good lighting?
– Are they willing to travel to you or do you need to go to their studio?
– If you are seeking studio work, do they have a studio? Believe it or not, many photographers are freelancers and do not have a studio to work in.
– Do they have props? That is if you are seeking props.

We personally did two newborn photo shoots for our little one. One at the hospital to capture some of those memories/when he was two days old and another when he was one week old at home. Alone within that week span, he had already changed quite a bit. Therefore, the sooner the better, I would say is the opportune time for newborn photography.

Some photos from the hospital shoot at 2 days old.

Photographer Gaga Baby.

​Some photos from the home shoot at one week old.
Photographer: Cheyenna De Nicola 

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