First Mother’s day

Mother’s Day! One day out of the year in which we, as society, have designated to honor mothers. However, being a mothers is a 24/7 job 365 days a year. Although I am new at this, as I have only been a mother for a little over two months, I without a doubt know I will love you until my dying day and beyond. 
The day I became your mother, March 2, 2017 at 9:05 PM my life was forever changed for the best.
The moment you were born my heart was instantly overjoyed with your arrival. You literally took my breath away as I caught my first glimpse of your tiny self and the love that I already had held for you instantly intensified. A love so intense and pure that I was humbled by it.

I stared at you in disbelief that I could partake in ever having made something so perfect. (I Still can hardly believe at times).

When they placed you in my arms, I could hardly believe you were mine. You, little man, without a doubt are the missing piece of my heart that I never before realized was missing and surely now would never have it any other way. I love you with my entire being… baby boy.  


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