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Many of you wonder what to pack in your newborn’s diaper bag. Although they are tiny little, they still require a various items at any given time.

Prior to having our little one, I had an idea of what I thought I should include in the diaper bag and of course, I would leave those items in. However, over the past month have learned from experience what additional items, I should be including at all times, with some being more vital than others.

Here is my list of 13 recommended diaper bag items.

  1. Lots of Diapers – Depending on how long we plan to be out, I usually like to stock the diaper bag with at least ten just to be on the safe side. I would much rather have more than needed, than not enough.
  2.  Wipes – Og course, diapers and wipes go hand in hand. I pack the diaper bag with one portable pack, which has plenty.
  3. Changing Pad Cover- Prior to having our little one, my brother had gifted us one for Christmas, provided his experience with my niece. Not that I would have not used one, but it just wasn’t one of those items that was first thing on my mind. Luckily in NYC, places that do have changing tables, as well have disposable covers in which you can as well use, but I never change the little one without his changing pad. Just the thought of how many germs are lingering on the table is enough to avoid using the table at all if I didn’t have the mat with me, which luckily hasn’t yet occurred.
  4. Vaseline/ Diaper Cream-  We fortunately have not had to use diaper crease as of yet, but I thank that to religiously using vaseline with each diaper change. Again, another item I had not thought about, but when was recommended to prevent diaper rash, it was something I surely jumped on. Fingers crossed, no diaper rash yet.
  5. Change of Clothes – You never know when the little one is going to have an accident (it happens) or the weather calls for layering. A change of clothes is a must.
  6. Beanie-  Similar to #5, you never know when the temperature is going to drop or the inside of a restaurant for example may be a bit too nippy. Since babies don’t have much body fat and aren’t yet capable of regulating their own body temperature, a beanie can be a whole lot of warmth and prevent a possible cold.
  7.  Socks – Again, similar to #5 and 6, socks provide a little more warmth when its a bit too chilly out.
  8. Blanket – Just in case it is chilly out or need to cover up, a small blanket comes in handy more often than I would have thought.
  9.  Manual Pump –  This would only be applicable is you are breast feeding and need to release some tension and or feed while you are out. I had found one for only $12 and the suction is strong.
  10.  Nursing Cover – Again, if you’re breastfeeding, you may want a cover. I have personally just gone to the restroom or used a blanket, but this is up to your preference. I have done this in attempts to prevent the ugly stares from bystanders, however have learned that is inevitable regardless what you do. There are always going to be those who disagree with your choices and you can’t please everyone. Just do you!
  11.  Bottles/ Syringes – Whether you breast-feed or bottle-fed,  including bottles in the diaper bag is a must. It may appear pretty straightforward if you are formula feeding, but I as well include them to carry the breast milk that I pump while we are out. When I am not directly breastfeeding, we personally do not bottlefeed with the nipple, but instead syringe-feed. With that I have learned from experience that multiple syringes need to be included in the bag. I want to prevent a feeding where I cannot breast feed directly from the breast for some reason and not be prepared with a syringe. (Our reason for syringe feeding in a blog to follow)
  12.  Burp Clothes / Bib – We personally do not use bids yet, but burp cloths are essential. The little one will need to be burped after each feeding, so I would recommend carrying at least two. Two just in case one happens to fall on the floor, I wouldn’t want to use that one.
  13.  Hand Sanitizer – Being that we live in NYC, there are germs all around. But regardless where we are out and about, I would never want to be without hand sanitizer. You never know when you will not have a restroom nearby to wash your hands and I wouldn’t want to touch the little one period without disinfecting.

Some less vital items that I include in our diaper bag:

  1.  Baby Lotion-  Honestly this item many times gets forgotten in our bag but when I do remember, I am glad that I did,   because our little one is a dry one.
  2.  Umbrella – Okay, this may not be relevant to many, however being that we live in NYC and either walk or taxi around all the time and rain is often unpredictable, I add a compact umbrella to the bag.

I am sure there are some items that I hadn’t thought about. Please do share if there are other items that you include in your newborn bag.

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