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9 Recommended newborn products

Becoming a new mother is exciting, yet full of tons of reading and trial and error. There were so many products that I did not think of before baby and so many other items I had purchased or added to the registries, which haven’t really been used or needed.

Of course, items such as diapers, clothes, car seat, etc are all known, however there are a number of items which may easily be overlooked.

From my last three months of experience, here are the top “must have” items I would recommend for your newborn.

  1. Receiving Blankets: These come in so handy and for more than just keeping the little one warm. I have as well them for swaddling him at night and for lining his bassinet.
  2. Swaddle’s:  Okay, so I didn’t originally have these before baby. It wasn’t until mu sister came to town and took the title one out shopping for anything else needed. It was so cute and the little one truly appreciated his shopping excursion although he was only two weeks old. We had picked a few items and my sister would walk around the store asking, How about this? ….or this?” I didn’t feel that there was much more needed, however one of the items she had picked up was a two pack os swaddles by Swaddle Me.  I can’t thank her enough for randomly suggesting these swaddles and now, I can’t believe I hesitated at first. I absolutely love them and this brand in particular. They are perfect for swaddling and tucking your little one in for sleep time and they stay perfectly wrapped all night. No need to re-wrap multiple times through the night, unless you are changing a diaper of course.
  3. Boppy Nursing Pillow: This makes feedings so much more comfortable. Regardless whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding, this pillow does wonders. Of course, it make sense if you are breast feeding and need that extra prop for positioning just right. However, I think my boyfriend loves this pillow even more than I do. It is rare that he ever does a feeding without propping the little mister up on his Boppy Pillow. Also, has a removable cover, which you can alternate designs or remove for washings. 
  4. Onesies: Solid short and long sleeve onesies for layering. They come in especially handy if your little one is born during colder months. Remember, newborns do not yet have enough body fat to provide enough insulation on their on and as well loose a lot of their heat through their head and feet. Our little one was born March first and it was still cold in NYC. We didn’t have any solid, let alone long sleeve onesies, for the little one inside newborn. And believe me, he had a ton of clothe already for the first year, however did not have any new born onesies to layer for warmth to get him through the month of March alone. Thankfully my mother treated him to a variety of them.
  5. Noise Maker/ Music: Our little one loves music, however I strongly believe that is related to how much music I listened to while pregnant with him. Especially since he instantly calms or gets all giddy when one of my playlists begins, which I had listened to while working out / working at home while he was in my belly. With that being said, playing music or simply a noise maker have been great to either calm him or entertain him. I love when he gets all excited when Justin Timberlake’s, Can’t Stop that Feeling comes on.
  6. Baby Gym/ Play Mat: We were given a play mat as a baby gift and although it listed that it was for ages 0+ months, I didn’t open and set it up until he was about 2.5 months. We have the Infantano, Pond Pals Twist & Fold Activity Mat, which I am a fan of. Not only was it a breeze to assemble and it folds for easy transportation, it as well is perfect for a 3 month old. He lies there staring at and reaching for the hanging pond pals. It definitely keeps him entertained while I work from home.
  7. Nose Frida: I know what you are thinking……”How Gross!” That was my exact thought when I had first seen this contraption at Buy Buy Baby pre-baby. It wasn’t until he was just over two months old and he awoke in the middle of the night fussy and super congested and being a new mother, I of course panicked. I took him to his nursery tried to clean his nose with that big tradition bulb that hardly fit in his nose and wasn’t collecting anything. With frustration and dislike of seeing my poor baby not feeling well, I attempted to rock him to sleep and headed to Google. I had read many positive reviews regarding the Nose Frida and out of desperation to have my little one feeling relieved I ordered it on Amazon Now (which is one of my new favorite go to’s) and was sold. This little contraption quickly sucks all of that junk out of the little one’s nose and no, it does not get in your mouth (….It has a filter which prevents that from occurring). Within minutes, the little one was relieved and resting soundly.
  8. Bassinet: Unless you plan to get out of bed every night to tend to baby sleeping in its own nursery or in a crib across your bedroom, I would recommend a bassinet. Having the little one sleep beside me in his bassinet provides ease for any middle of the night feedings or diaper changes without having to get out of bed. I plan to have him sleep in his bassinet as least, for the first 6 months. I recommend the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I know it is a bit more of an investment, however I truly believe you’re getting your monies worth with the 3 in 1 feature.  It is not only a stellar fashionable bassinet stroller, it as well converts to the bedside bassinet with a stand and later a high chair.
  9. Baby Wrap/ Carrier: Originally, I had two Boba wraps which were perfect for when he was a newborn. Easy to assemble once you figured it out the first time, the material is an organic cotton and they have versatile and fashionable prints. I had a navy and palm leaf one. Perfect for the newborn as it keeps him snug against me, soothed and comfortable. Not only did I wear it when we would go out to run errands, but as well around the house while I completely household tasks. We as well have a Infantano carrier, which is an ease to put on and affordable. However, I would only continue to use this carrier for a few more months as did does not provide the best posture for a heavier baby. As he gets heavier,  perhaps around 6 months, I will upgrade to the Boba carrier, which provides better hip support for the little one. The Boba carriers as well come in various fun personable prints.

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