OH Gourdough’s…. Austin, Texas

Restaurant name and location: Gourdough’s Donuts
Ideal for: Any sweet tooth craving you have been having. 
Cuisine: Scrumptious, over the top specialty donuts .
Atmosphere: Super casual, trailer donut stop amongst a few other food trailers. 

What they say: It is as simple as, “BIG. FAT. DONUTS! TRY ONE, THEY’RE DELICIOUS”. 

 What we ordered: 
    1. Miss Shortcake: Cream Cheese Icing With Fresh Cut Strawberries.
    2. Blackout: Brownie Batter, Fudge Icing & Chocolate Covered Brownie Bites.

Service: There really isn’t much service provided here It is as simple as can be. You order at the food truck window and wait for your order to be called for pick up at the winder. There are picnic tables within the park, where you can sit and enjoy your donut of choice if you simply can’t wait to dig in. 

What I loved:
Super relaxed and casual food trailer park and delicious ka-zillion calorie donuts. Okay, I don’t really want to know ho many calories one of these luscious donuts contains, but I will definitely look the other way and enjoy one….or maybe two. 

Bill for two: USD $11.00

Contact details: http://gourdoughs.com


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