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Chop’t Skinny NYC

Yes, the title to this post is a bit misleading, because there isn’t much that is skinny about this meal. I am a true believer of eating good and pure organic produce/ ingredients (non-processed foods) rather than calorie counting.

Restaurant name and location:

 Chop’t Salads and Skinny Pizza NYC
Ideal for: Complete Casual 

CHOP’T, think Specialty / custom salads, bowls. As for SKINNY PIZZA, think thin crusted specialty pizzas. You can select from their pre-existing menu or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, create your own master piece. 

Atmosphere: Walk-in/ Food Court depending on the exact location within NYC you stop by. 

 What I ordered: ​
Chop’t: Kale Caesar salad with lemon tahini dressing. (Dressing is only 70 calories and made  
             garbanzo beans. 
​Skinny Pizza: Slice of cheese pizza. Went for a simple option but paired well with the salad.
Service: Simple ordering at the counter. Not much service to be provided aside from providing a  friendly attitude, quick turn around and correct order. 

What I loved:
Quick ordering but the lines are usually quite long. If you dare stop by during the lunch block, expect to spend 15+ minutes simply in line. 

Bill for one 
Chop’t: USD $11
​Skinny Pizza: USD $3.84 for one cheese slice. 

Contact details
Chop’t: http://choptsalad.com
​Skinny Pizza: http://www.skinnypizza.com

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