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The often “unknown” about D.C.

There are several places we have already taken Baby E in his 4 month of life thus far and plenty elsewhere on our list. 

I know he is still just a baby, but there are so many places we want to introduce him to. As well as the instill the travel bug early on. 

Yesterday I had to be in DC for work and although we have both visited the District of Columbia several times in the past, we decided to make it a family day trip so that we can take little man along. After we were done with our work day, we went exploring with the little one and although he is only 4 months old, I believe he loved it. He is always so curious and loves looking around taking in scenery no matter where we go. The new sites appeared to have interested him, as he was busy taking everything in and all smiles.

Are you considering a trip to Washington DC, here are a few “NO COST” ideas to consider for your trip; (Live links and all)
  1. The Smithsonian Museums are free of charge to the public and as well include tours, workshops, performances, etc. 
  2. The National Mall (this is where the Lincoln memorial, monument, WWII memorial, etc are located) is free of charge and open 24 hours a day. 
  3. There is a free performance 6PM daily at the Kennedy Center.
  4. You can take an hour tour of the Pentagon. However, keep in mind that there are only so many tickets issued daily and many are reserved weeks in advance. 
  5. You can observe live cases at the Supreme Court. Court must be in session on the day you visit and access is granted on a first come basis. 
  6. Looking for something unique? Most metropolitan cities have a “Little Italy” or “China Town”, while DC has a “Little Ethiopia”.
  7. If interested, there are 177 Embassies located in DC and make for great site seeing. 
  8. View the Changing of the Guard at the Arlington National Cemetery. During summer months, (April -September) the guard changes every 30 minutes; while during winter months (October- March) the change occurs every hour.

A few additional tips to consider; 

  1. The cost for the D.C. Subway/ Metro rides are charged by distance, not a flat fee per ride. 
  2. Renting a Capital Bike makes for a great way to not only get in some exercise but as well as site see many locations in a quicker time frame. 
  3. If flying into DC, there are three airports within the area; Reagan (DCA), Washing Dulles (IAD) and Baltimore (DWI). Baltimore airport is closer than many think, at only 45 minutes away and many times, the lowest fare depending on season, airline and where you are flying in from. None the less, Reagan airport is the most convenient to DC, as it’s only a few miles away and the Metro runs from the airport to Downtown DC.

It was a hot and humid summer day and we only had a few hours before we headed back to NYC but still managed to take Baby E around enough sites in NW DC. 

What we saw; 
  • The White House
  • The Washington Monument
  • The Capitol
  • The African American Smithsonian 
  • The Washington Cathedral

And ended the trip with a drive through Georgetown and Chevy Chase, MD.

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