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THree little words: Little. Black. Dress.


Of course life has changed since having our little one, but just because I became a mother, doesn’t mean that I can no longer get dressed up and take a stroll around town.

Okay! Honestly, I do spend a little more time in workout attire than I did before baby. Partially because it is low maintenance and easy with working from home with an infant to care for. My routine consists of waking, feeding the little one, prepping for the day, slipping into some comfy day attire and then working from home. The ease frees up time that I ‘m already limited to, for other tasks. So naturally, given the opportunity to get dressed up catches my attention.

This Elizabeth and James Aurora Black Bell Sleeve mini is the perfect addition to any closet stable. Not only is it classy and feminine, it is versatile year around. Pair it with some heels or sandals in the summer or some leggings and booties / knee-high boots in the winter. How much better can this piece get.?

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