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Feeling Pretty….


I may have grown up being a tom-boy loving to run around getting dirty, riding bikes, climbing tree’s, building fort’s, catching lizards, playing sports and the list goes on. However that girly side in me had as well lived just as strong. I loved playing house, Barbies, performing, dancing and playing dress-up. Yes! Dressing up! That fashionista gene in my heart loved dresses, heels, boots…. ruffles, embroidery, sequins and material textures…..headbands, purses and jewelry…. sparkles, polka dots, stripes and florals. I can go on if I had all day. ​I almost always jump at an opportunity to dress up.

​With that being said, post baby, I still look forward to those occasions to dress up a little more than the normal outing in a sundress and wedges.

Just because I am now a mother doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t throw on a dress, some heels and simply feel pretty.

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