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Getting a little glammed up and trying to enjoy the remaining summer evenings we have left. I know I have been saying this for the past few years, but really! Where has this year gone? It seemed like just recently we were ringing in the new year, 2017 and we are now already in the 8th month. 

So what better way that to enjoy a summer Friday evening in a fierce red pom pom dress? This dress is a little out of my norm provided that it is a straight cut and as many women with curves can attest that straight cut dresses look great on the hanger, however using just don’t do their body’s any justice. 

I had purchased this dress on sale while I was still pregnant, thinking “what the heck” I will give it a try. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too upset with how it fit. I as well love the texture and the small red pom pom’s are a definite plus. 

Unfortunately this dress is no longer available on the Shein website, however I would recommend checking out the site for other fabulous and affordable finds. 

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