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Summer State of Mind

I swear this summer has been flying by quicker than I can grasp, but I ave been trying to soak in every bit of warmth still lingering. Being on the east coast, I have already began to feel that cool autumn air crisps early in the morning and I am just not ready. 

This season’s “off the shoulder” trend has had me happy and wanting more. It is feminine, yet classy and appropriate for all body shapes. This just adds to the reasons why I had fallen in love with it so much, especially after having a baby this spring and still not feeling 100% with myself. 

Shen Ruffle “Off the Shoulder” Blouse (While Inventory Lasts) {$12} 
J Crew Shorts  {$79.50} 
Kate Spade Keds Sneakers (Now on Sale) {$51} 
We have been enjoying what is left of the summer. This summer I found myself staying in the apartment a lot more than I normally would provided that I had a newborn and as well work from home. Not as easy to pick up and run an errand within the city when you need to get the little one ready, pack the diaper bag, pump, prep/ pack the bottles, feed the little one, etc…..then load the carrier and/ or the stroller. 

None the less, we have routinely been enjoying daily walks or outing when Joseph gets home from work. It is nice to simply get out, enjoy the weather / summer warmth and perhaps grab a bite to eat. #OurFamilyTime

Still have several outdoor restaurants I want to enjoy , at least once, before the weather really cools off. Can time please just slow down? 

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