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Top “Baby Friendly” Disneyland Rides

I know some may think we were crazy for taking our 9 month old to Disneyland, however being a Disney fan myself, the trip was just as enjoyable as any other. For the past handful of years, we had been planning on visiting Disneyland during the Christmas season, but for whatever reason, something continuously managed to come up and cancel / supersede our Disney plans.


Just over a week ago, we took the little guy on his first Disneyland adventure and although he is only 9 months old, he appeared to have enjoyed it. So you may be thinking, what is there to do at Disneyland with a baby/ toddler? Here is a list of baby/ toddler friendly rides listed by location. (Most of Fantasyland is baby friendly).


  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Fits 2-3 riders (Located in Fantasy Land)
  2. Alice in Wonderland: Fits 4 riders comfortable within a large caterpillar  (Located in Fantasy Land)
  3. Casey Jr/ Circus Train: It is either an animal cage or sleigh in which you ride that fits many and rides through a village story. (Located in Fantasy Land)
  4. Kind Arthur’s Carousel: Typical carousel which fits many on either a horse or sleigh. (Located in Fantasy Land)
  5. Peter Pans Flight: (Located in Fantasy Land)
  6. Pinocchio’s Journey . (Located in Fantasy Land)
  7. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride:
  8. Snow Whites Adventures: (Located in Fantasy Land)
  9. Mad Tea Party: (Located in Fantasy Land)
  10. It’s a Small World: (Located in Fantasy Land)
  11. Storybook Canal Boats: (Located in Fantasy Land)


Main Street

  1. Disney Railroad Train: Rained train fits 4-6 in each car. (Located on Main Street, near park entrance)
  2. Main Street Cars: Individual antique cars that drive up and down Main Street. Fit about 2-4 riders per car. (Located on Main Street, near park entrance)


New Orleans

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Large boat that rides through the pirate story. There are two small drops, but nothing to worry about. Each boat has 6 rows, which each hold up to 4 riders. (Located in New Orleans)
  2. The Haunted House: Large domes that ride through the haunted house story. Each dome sits 2-3 riders. Be cautious that you get on each dome while it is moving. Of course it slows nearly to a stop, but never actually comes to a complete stop. Also, some toddlers may be frightened due to the haunted theme, but only you know what your child(ren) like and dislike. (Located in New Orleans)


Tomorrow Land

  1. Rockets: Each rocket seats 2-3 riders and rides in circles, with a lever in which you can move the rocket up and down. I am getting dizzy just reminiscing the experience. You may love it, however I wouldn’t recommend for anyone who gets motion sickness. (Located in Tomorrow Land)
  2. Buzz Lightyear: Dome fits 2-3 riders and contains a target gun in which you shoot at the targets throughout the ride collecting points. A baby / toddler can ride, however since it is interactive, it may be more entertaining for the parents if you enjoy a little competition. (Located in Tomorrow Land)
  3. Nemo Submarines:  It is a medium size submarine that fits about 20 on bench like seats. It does submerge very slightly into the water , where the experience of “Finding Nemo” can be enjoyed.  (Located in Tomorrow Land)
  4. Disney Monorail: Large rail fits many and rides around the park. (Located in Tomorrow Land)


Frontier Land

  1. Mark Twain’s River Boat: This is a large boat that holds 100+ riders on open seating. It departs from the mainland within Frontier Land and docks on the center island, in which you can choose to remain on the boat or explore the island. (Located in Frontier Land)
  2. Jungle Cruise: Medium size boat that rides around jungle themed scenery. Each boat fits several riders. (Located in Frontier Land)


Toon Town

  1. Roger Rabbit’s Car’s: Fits about 2-3 riders per car. They do require that the baby / toddler is awake. Our son fell asleep as we waited in line and they required we wake him in order to ride. (Located in Toon Town).



Share with me your thoughts or any other Disneyland tips you may have. I would love to hear them.


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