Traveling with Baby? 10 Suitcase “Must Haves”

Throughout the past 13 months we have been on over 16 flights with the little one and although items packed somewhat varied/ changed as he aged, here is what has remained rather consistent.

(Note: I have linked some of the items i use specifically, however you can pack/ use whatever brand you’d like).

Baby Suitcase Items:

  1. Clothes: An outfit for each day and several extra changes of clothes
  2. Glass bottles: (2-4 )for storing and serving milk, water juice. Our little guy never really used a bottle but now used the glass Avant bottles with the sappy cup lid.
  3. Baby Safe Sunscreen: Regardless of the season, the sun can still burn the little one’s sensitive skin.
  4. Small Breast Pump: Comes in handy in those moments you are unable to breastfeed, either because you are on the road, away from child, etc.
  5. Nose Aspirator: This item here, is something I learned was needed more often than not from experience. It is good to have in your suitcase even if your little one isn’t sick, because the plane air/ change in climates, etc can tend to cause a stuffy nose.
  6. Swaddler and / or blankets: My little one has grown out of the use of a swaddled, however several blankets tend to come in handy at night, over the stroller, etc.
  7. Medical Supplies: Thermometer, Tylenol (if teething, etc) and more.
  8. Diapers and Wipes: You can purchase in your destination, however I have found that they tend to be more expensive abroad, primarily due to the exchange rate and smaller packages. I personally prefer to know that I have them with me and as well use the suitcase space for souvenirs / any shopping I did on the way back home.
  9. Snacks: Some may prefer to get any and all food at their destination, however I would 1) rather not be stranded without any snacks and a hungry baby. Also, I like having some on me provided that we have a vegan baby and I never know what I will or will not find abroad.
  10. Entertainment: Now that our son is a little older, a few items from home to keep him entertained have come in handy.


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