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Villa Cemita Restaurant NYC

How did we not know about “Villa Cemita” before?

There were so many options tempting me and making it difficult to make a choice and place my order. None the less, I decided to go with the Chilaquiles, red of course. Topped them off with two sunny side up eggs and avocado. No complaints in the world from this girl. They were delicious, the spice level was perfect and the serving size was superb. One of the reasons I tend to  steer away from chilaquiles or huevos ranchos, is because normally the portions are small and I remain hungry after finishing off my meal. Definitely not the case at Villa Cemita.

We also order a side order of homestyle potatoes, which included onions and pepper. Yup, I will be ordering those again in the future. Just too bad we were too full to finish them off.

Alright, now on to the cocktails. This time I went with a Bloody Mary, which was good and unique, however the michelada was so tasty and refreshing. I am already eyeing the jalapeno drink on my next visit.

Service was not only attentive, but they were so welcoming and friendly.

I’ve already added Villa Cemita as one of my “go to” Mexican food restaurant and am looking forward to our next visit.


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