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Best Food in Austin, Tx

Most know that I am a foodie at heart, so naturally any where I visit, the definite task on my “to do” list is to try as much local food as I can in the time span I have.

Amy’s Ice Cream: Looking for a fun and unique twist on ice cream? Amy’s Ice Cream would be your stop. They make all of their unique ice cream’s in house and of course you can mix in toppings to make your very own “perfect” creation. 

Veracruz: Some of the freshest, tastiest Mexican food I have found yet, nearly anywhere. I cannot believe I was missing this “goodness” in my life for the past 30 years. Be sure to arrive early, because they close at 3:00 PM and the wait is about 30 minutes to receive your food.

Chuy’s: This one stop you cannot mis while in Austin , TX. Known for their queso dip and fun Tex-Mex, this is a must try.

Josephine House: As a favorite of the locals and very little seating, the Josephine House sure fills up fast. Be sure to make a reservation to try their scrumptious pastries.

Bobo’s Snack House: Hangout with a retro-chic vibe for thoughtfully sourced, globally inspired cuisine morning to night.

Bouldin Creek Cafe: My brother in law first introduced me to this fabulous vegan/ vegetarian cafe a few years back and even the “meat eaters” in our group loved it. This is a must for every trip, even if you are a carnivore.

Juiceland: You can’t leave Austin without trying a smoothie or fresh juice from Juiceland. Not only a healthy choice, but some of the most unique creations I have seen at a juice bar.

Mozart’s Cafe: Mozart’s cafe is not only perfect for a sandwich, cup of joe and a cookie, but as well has a large deck above the lake which makes it the perfect place to study, chat or merely hang out.

Koriente: Vegetarian, asian inspired and amazing!

Terry Black’s BBQ: I am not a meat eater but for those who are, I am sure you will love Terry Black’s. We ended up going here for my boyfriend who “had” to try Texan BBQ and I cannot complain as the macaroni and cheese, potato salad, corn bread, slaw and peach cobbler were AMAZING!

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