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Flying with a Toddler? Carry-On Checklist

Hello there,

We just returned to NYC from another adventure and now that the little one is getting older, I have re-evaluated my must haves baby “carrier on” bag.

  1. Diapers: The little guy is almost potty trained but having diapers in the cap for long flights have still been essential.
  2. Wipes: Not only do them come in handy for the little one’s rump, but as well as cleaning their face and hands after a snack and wiping down the airplane tray (because we know toddlers love to touch EVERYTHING!).
  3. Baby Carrier: I know the little one is now getting to be too big for the carrier and I now have to look side to side to see around his head, but it still comes in handy, especially when traveling solo. I like to keep him on me while going through a bag, trying to pay for somethings, etc.
  4. Extra set of clothes: Whether it be not making it to the restroom quick enough or spilled a drink on themselves, an extra outfit is a must.
  5. Entertainment: I know some like to give their toddler the cell phone to keep them entertained, but we just aren’t about that and actually don’t permit the little guy to use the phones. (No judgment if you do). So, with this, I am a big fan of the reusable Melissa and Doug coloring books. 
  6. Snacks: Whether the flight is 2 hours or 8 hours, snacks are a must. Below are a few types of snacks I tend to pack:
  7. Blanket: Let’s face it, flights tend to get cold.
  8. Hand Sanitizer: Because germs! Thats all.
  9. Stroller (optional): I used to take one and check in for our destination, but now that the little guy is getting bigger and heavier, I can only carry him for so long. I recently became a fan of the Pockit Stroller, because it folds up and literally fits into a regular back so that you can put it in the over head bin. I personally don’t like the idea of gate checking a stroller and the thought of the germs it would be exposed to if it isn’t in a travel bag.

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