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I Am Thankful!

Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays. Not only for the beautiful décor, scrumptious food, relaxation, time with family and friends, and of course the Macy’s Day Parade; but for celebrating what we are #thankful for. 

I know that it is am American holiday and that not all my followers are from the US, however it is a day/ act that we can all reflect upon and celebrate. It doesn’t have to be one day a year or isolated to America, but there are things that all of us can be thankful for.

As I awake and look forward to watching the Macy’s Day parade with a warm cup of coffee, I reflect upon all that I am truly thankful for, today and always.

  1. My Little Boy! He unknowingly has taught me so much about unconditional love, life, perceived limits, and ultimately has given me so much purpose. There are the moments that I am so tired or feeling defeated and I look at his innocent little face and he fuels me with so much ambition. He reminds me daily of how much I want to achieve, not just for Joseph’s and my sake, but for him. For him, I strive to be a better person, many times, even pushing myself past my own comfort zone(s), so that I can be sure I am setting a positive example.  
  2. Family, Friends and of course, You! My family is my backbone in celebration of the great, helping me through the difficult times, encouraging me to pursue my wild ideas and unconditionally loving my true self. Likewise, for my small circle of true friends, you may not be blood, but are family.

         All of you! Over the past year and a half, when my real blogging journey began…So                    many of you have been so supportive, really opened up about your personal stories and so on. I really have made some great online friends who are miles  (even countries away) and that, I truly treasure.

  1. New Opportunities: I am a big believer that new opportunities are always out there, we simply need to go out and grab them, opposed to sitting around and waiting for them to land on our lap. About a year and a half ago, I was overjoyed with the arrival of our little boy but stuck in a rut with postpartum and as well hating my job. Joseph encouraged me to begin writing again to heal the emotional wound I was working through and devote myself into some of my old projects, as well as new ones. With that, so many new doors have opened and I couldn’t have done it without all of YOUR support.  Reading my blogs, commenting/ liking on my posts, reaching out to me to share your stories, etc; you are all the best.
  2. Lessons Learned: Over the past couple of years, I have learned more about myself and my own capabilities, more than ever before. Of course, we are always learning daily, but from past lessons learned I am thankful of how my life has been / and will be changed moving forward. 
  3. Then, there is the Future!  Life is an adventure and no know knows exactly what the future holds for any of us, or else someone out there would be a Ka-Zillionnaire. (Ha-Ha)

I recently had this conversation with my little cousin and a close friend:

I find myself more often than not, looking back and reminiscing on past experiences/ eras in life, etc; and I miss certain things. None the less, just as amazing as each of my own life’s era’s have been, the next, is just as amazing.

  • I find myself reminiscing about being a child and home with my parents and siblings, waking on weekend mornings full of the days optimism… cuddling with my parents and wrestling with my siblings.
  • I look back and miss the careless free college days, not realizing how life’s responsibilities would change over the next decade.
  • I recall starting a new chapter in my life when I first moved out to the east coast; being free and independent.
  • I remember back when Joseph and I would carry on planning our next adventure or goal as just the two of us.

Each of life’s era’s have been amazing, just in their own unique way. So, with that, I look back at many of the experiences I have had, not to wish I could go back in time, but to appreciate them. I am thankful for each of life’s era’s  but as well, so grateful for the moment (era) I am in now.

No matter how busy and crazy life gets with work, family, the little guy, etc; I know one day I will look back missing these days. I am thankful for the moment and life I have (int he present), with the amazing people I have been blessed with.

With that, I conclude; I am thankful for the Now and I am excited to see what the future beholds. 

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