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25 Days of Christmas with Netflix

Looking to celebrate Christmas every night with a holiday movie or TV show? Well, you are in luck, you can do so with Netflix.

Here is my top list of Netflix Christmas/ Holiday movie’s to indulge in over the next 25 days of Christmas. Enjoy!

  1. The Christmas Chronicles : In this cute Christmas movie, a brother and sister team up with a plan to catch Santa.
  1. A Christmas Prince: It may be last year’s Netflix original, but still just as cheery. A young girl who is working to tutor a princess and during her stay at the castle falls in love with the rebellious prince.
  1. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding: This sequel to last year’s debut premieres tonight (11/30) and picks up with the royal wedding.
  1. The Princess Switch: Another Netflix original, exhibits a baker and a princess who look remarkably alike, switch places and find their true loves.
  1. Get Santa: A Christmas comedy about a Santa who wrecks his sleigh and finds himself on the run from law enforcement.
  1. The Holiday Calendar: A young girl inherits her grandma’s special advent calendar and is able to view into her future and finds herself needing to make the correct decisions for her future.
  1. Christmas Inheritance: Depicts a young girl who is the modern day Scrooge. She ends up discovering the meaning of Christmas and falling in love with the small town she visits.
  1. A Very Murray Christmas: Celebrate the Christmas spirit with this classic find, Murray and his crew.
  1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : A Midwinter’s Tale: Yes, that is right! For all of you who are hooked on the new spooky edition of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and binge watched the first season in a weekend, there is a Christmas (Holiday) episode nearing. Debuts 12/14. Stay tuned and give me your feedback after watching it. 
  1. Christmas Wedding Planner: Everything begins to go wrong with the local wedding planner’s big job, when a stranger was sent to disturb the celebration.
  1. Christmas With a View: A local ski resort manager finds her business struggling , but things begin to turn around for her when she meets the new chef.
  1. Christmas Crush: Holiday story about a young girl who gets a second chance with her first love.
  1. Merry Kissmas: A young engaged woman finding herself with doubts about her nearing wedding has much to consider after sharing a kiss with a stranger.
  1. The Spirit of Christmas: An attorney finds herself in a small Vermont town to close on a local inn sale, where she finds herself falling for a local.
  1. Dear Santa: A young woman accidentally received a little girls Santa letter and set’s out to make the little girls request come true.Holiday Engagement: This one is a classic; A young woman’s plan to hire a fake boyfriend to fool her family of the holiday’s backfires.
  1. Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas: How can you have Christmas without Mariah Carey and all of her holiday hits?
  1. Holiday Baggage: A couple who has drifted apart over the years find themselves reminiscing and rekindling familiar memories.
  1. Holiday Breakup: A couple breaks up, however find themselves wanting to avoid all the questions from their families over the holiday’s, so they pretend to still be together.
  1. How Sarah Got Her Wings: A good samaritan prematurely dies before Christmas and God sends her back as an angel in training to tie up loose ends.
  1. Miss Me This Christmas: A young couple set to finalize their divorce on Christmas day, need to decide whether they are really ready to call it quits.
  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: A classic of course! Kindness from the little Who wins over the Grinch.
  1. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas: A classic I watch just about every year for as long as I can remember.
  1. Bad Santa: In this comedy a Christmas Santa and Elf working at a department store find themselves with a plan to rob the store.
  1. Christmas Ranch: A teen finds herself trying to do good at Christmas and save her grandmothers ranch.
  1. There are several other Christmas movies which I love to indulge in this time of year, however this is my Netflix worthy list.

Interested in having me assemble an Amazon or another channel Christmas / Holiday movie list? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram.

Please do share any other Christmas/ holiday movies you enjoy on Netflix.

Post By: Laura Nava (@itslauranava)
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