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You Can Succeed

I thought that this post would be appropriate due to the new year, but really is a great share for any time of year.

I have had my own life experiences in which I wish I could erase or undo, but the reality is that isn’t reality. We unfortunately cannot undo or go back in time to create a different story; and sure living with “what if’s” and “could have’s” would drive driving any sane person out of their mind with regret.

Recently, I have had few conversations with close friends about this very topic, so I thought I would write about it.

As long as you are breathing, you have the opportunity to begin again. The reality is that you get to start over again and again and yet again until the feeling of moving in the desired direction feels more natural than giving up.

Whatever it is that you are struggling through, there are ways to get through it with ownership. Whether it’s

  • a difficult time,
  • seeking success,
  • trying to lose a few pounds
  • being a positive person;

It comes down to:

  • taking ownership of the decisions you have made up to that point,
  • what are or aren’t you doing that has led you to this point and
  • choosing between what feels comfortable NOW or what you want most.

Of course it is going to be difficult, but you can persevere and achieve.

The only thing standing between the “YOU”, you desire to be, and “this version of yourself” is your willingness to persevere and pushing through this challenging time.

In 2019, work towards your goals and don’t be afraid to try and try again. Many success stories have more failures behind them than most people would like to admit; but the moral is that success is eventually reached.

By: Laura Nava

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  1. Sarah
    January 4, 2019 / 11:14 am

    We all need this reminder sometimes. Thank you.

    • madamewarrior
      January 4, 2019 / 11:42 am

      Yes, we do Sarah. Thanks for the read.

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