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NYC MommyCon Spring 2019

MommyCon - Laura Nava

Laura Nava and her son at the NYC MommyCon 2019

Alright mommies! Mommycon was two weeks ago and I know I have shared with you a review of the Mommycon registration bag contents and a high level overview of some of my favorite products / brands from the event.

However, as promised, below is a more detailed list of my 4 favorite products, in no particular order;

The Little Book of You : This is a starter company comprised of a husband and wife team.

They offer kits which can be purchased for children 0-11 years of age and babies on the way. It is a personalized book of memories which is like any other baby/ child memory book I have ever seen thus far. It is far more than your child’s name, date of birth, relatives, etc.

It as well includes;

  • The costs of certain products the year the child was born,
  • Top songs,
  • A full family tree,
  • Which family members/ friends were the first to visit
  • Etc

And the detailing of the book gets as technical as the illustrations included.

I can’t wait to submit my order and share with you the final product.



AmmoBars: This is an au natural caffeinated granola bar that contains 10 grams of protein and seriously tastes delicious. What more could you ask for? Initially I loved the concept, but was personally a little weary about how it was going to taste and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

How perfect is this for anyone on the go who may not always have time to grab / make a cup of coffee, let alone have breakfast?

Currently, they are only sold on Amazon and are reasonably priced. You can find them here.

Lulla Doll: I absolutely love the concept behind this doll, not only for a new born, but as well for a toddler learning to sleep on their own or in their own bedroom.


The Lulla doll is a sleep companion and self-soother which plays soft sounds of breathing and a heartbeat. It comes in three different colors and is sold online and in select boutiques. Find your Lulla Doll here.

Lulla Doll, the Perfect Sleep Companion

Overall, these were my ultimate favorite products from the NYC Spring 2019 #MommyCon. If you attended and would love to share what your favorite products or most memorable moments were from the event, please share below. I would love to hear about them.

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