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10 Tips to a Productive Day

Everyday I a different schedule as I am torn between three different roles.  None the less, whether I am working from home, headed to see clients, etc; there are certain tasks I aim to keep everyday in order to be productive and feeling positive.

{1} Shower & Get Ready for the Day: Even the days I work from home, I aim to still awake at 5:00 AM to shower and get ready for the day. I can’t stress enough how this one little act makes such a significant difference in HOW productive a day is. There is something about feeling clean, rejuvenated to plunge through the daily tasks.

{2} Get your Body Moving: I aim to work out 3+ days a week (which I do in the morning, because I feel like the work out gives me so much natural energy through my day). None the less, on the days I don’t make it to the gym, I still try to be physically active, whether it be taking a walk, walking the longer route, etc. Not only are you doing your body “good” by moving, the endorphins released provide a natural energy and set a positive mindset. 

{3} Think Positively: You know the ideology behind something good getting contaminated by something small and before you know it, the entire thing is infested and spoiled?

It is the same exact concept with your mind. If you permit negative thoughts in, they will continue to duplicate and before you know it “negativity” has polluted your mind.

The first thoughts you think upon waking up in the morning will set your mood the rest of the day.

{4} Stick to a Schedule/ Write “TO DO” Lists: I religiously live by a schedule and I am always creating “TO DO” lists. As the saying goes, “Out of site, out of mind”, same goes with tasks. If tasks that you need to complete are out in front of you, they can easily be forgotten once to get busy with another task. Therefore, creating a schedule, you know what you need to complete for the day and having the constant reminder every time you go cross off a completed item, you know exactly what you need to do next.

{5} Add Tasks to my Calendar & Set Alerts: It is so easy to get sidetracked through the day with unplanned emails, calls, etc; with that; I diligent about setting these reminders. These reminders come to my aid more than the pop-up reminders on the phone, which I tend to dismiss.

{6} Eat of course (healthy meals that won’t make you sluggish or sleepy), but even more importantly, be sure you are drinking plenty of water. Hydration has a major effect on energy levels and brain function.

{7} Don’t watch TV during the day! Stay focused and don’t permit distractions. This as well includes aimlessly scrolling social media.

{8} Focus on one thing at a time: I know that more often than not, your “TO DO” List is tasks long, however one of the biggest killers of productivity are distractions. Usually when we think of distractions, we jump to TV, social media, etc; however it as well includes jumping back and forth from multiple tasks. If you are writing an article, first finish the article prior to jumping into editing a video, etc.

{9} Organize your day into blocks:  You’re probably wondering what I even mean by this. As I have said before, have a schedule to guide your day and keep you on track of accomplishing certain take, etc through the day. Of course you need to get to emails, take a break, etc; however reward yourself with those items.

I am naturally a competitive person and with that, I am even competitive with myself. I create little games, rewards, etc for myself. If I need to make prospect calls for the day, review contracts, or write a blog; I make deals with (myself). For example:  I don’t permit myself to check my emails (which can be distracting) until I’ve made “X amount of calls”.

{10} Don’t hesitate to say “NO!”: Of course new things always manage to come up through the day. New tasks, new invites, new favor inquiries, etc. Evaluate the task and if it isn’t a priority, don’t be afraid to say “NO”. Agreeing to an impromptu invite every now and then can be quite nice, however constantly surrendering can derail your day and distract you from your priorities. 

Any tips you follow in order to keep you motivated and on track with tackling daily tasks?

Article Written by, Laura Navarrete


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  1. Kacy
    May 6, 2019 / 2:06 pm

    Great advise overall. Especially number 10. I have a difficult time saying no. My husband always tells me that I am a Yes person and need to stand my ground and say no to things I dont want to do or wont spend my time wisely. Glad I stumbled across this.

    • madamewarrior
      May 6, 2019 / 3:04 pm

      Thank you Kacy for your feedback. Yes, Saying “no” can be a challenge and I am guilty of giving in as well myself. None the less, through time and practice males it easier.

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