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8 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Support Each Other

This topic comes up so often and honestly; it is a sad reality that too often, people feel threated or in competition with another female entrepreneur that they don’t “Support” their so called friends in their efforts to strive for their dreams.

Relax, there is a plethora of opportunities to succeed out there. No need to be in competitive with one another. If anything partner, collaborate and work together to succeed quicker and/ or utilize each other’s strengths.

How to support your fellow girlfriend in their goals, interests and life in general.

{1} Ask them “How are you?”, “How is work?”, “How’s your family?” This seems rather straight forward, but really the simplest form of caring about someone and their happenings.

{2} Be quiet and listen. Genuinely STOP and listen to what they are saying, both verbally and physically (If you are in-person). If they have exciting news ahead or are going through a difficult time, mentally note that and follow up with them in a few days.

{3} Be Present and Show Up. I know that this can be challenging if you are hundreds to thousands of miles away, but this is no reason you can’t still be present for their milestones. If they are opening a boutique or exhibiting at an art gallery, show up and show support. If they are

{4} Leverage your social network to expand your fellow girlfriends reach. By posting your friends business/ project through your social media you can promote their products and businesses at lower cost with greater targeted impact than traditional mass advertising. When you “like”, “comment” or “share” a friend’s post you aren’t only helping out and supporting your friend, your own social network is as well exposed to the concepts and ideas being promoted. It takes very little effort from us to help a friend grow her business this way, and it makes a huge difference for branding and engaging customers.

{5} Spread the word and support. I know this one may sounds a little redundant, but not only can you leverage your social media as I had mentioned above, you can as well spread the news about your friends business venture by word of mouth and shopping their brand / services. If your friend is selling something, don’t ask for it or expect it for free. Support them by actually purchasing it.

{6} Offer a Mentorship. Every successful entrepreneur owes their success to a string of mentors and no, not all mentorships will result in lifelong relationships ; but seriously share your knowledge. Mentor another entrepreneur, whether it be through a positive pep talk, sharing your lessons learned through trial and error, etc.

{7} Make introductions. Through experience, endless networking events, etc we are bound to meet people from all avenues and fields. If and when you have a friend looking for a particular resource, don’t hesitate to make an introduction that could be the partnership they are seeking. As the old saying goes, “It isn’t what you know, but who you know”.

{8} Communication is key. Never assume, communicate your feelings and again, remember to listen. Communication isn’t always pretty. Don’t always sugar coat your feedback for a new product launch, etc; share the hard truth.

Remember, “Empowered Women, Empower Women”. 


I absolutely love seeing my friends succeed.

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