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Let’s Talk Sponsored Posts

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

So, I bet there has been a time when you have seen a sponsored post that I have done and wondered whether I was truly being genuine, or even, that I was merely posting because it was paid.

Following a few direct messages that I had seen around this point, I figured I would share with you some of my truths behind the topic, both addresses any naysayers and as well, those “influencer’s” who are looking for insight to landing some paid deals.

Questions/ Comments from the “Doubter’s”

You just post on / about products because you are getting paid.

First off, I am very selective with the brands/ products that I elect to partner with and no, they aren’t all paid. When I was first beginning, I was a lot more open to taking on many offers as long as they aligned with my personal branding, lifestyle and message. With than, back then, many were free / non-paid gigs, however perhaps would provide the product at no out-of-pocket cost. None the less, through time, as my schedule would be double booked with sponsored work, writing / speaking engagements, sales calls, negotiation/ finalist meetings; I learned that I needed to become all the more selective with my time and the companies that I choose to work with. Now I not only evaluate the product and how it aligns with my long-term goals and messaging, but as well,


  • Assess the ask and sponsorship requirements,
  • The paid amount,
  • How much of my time will it take
  • Etc


Still, to this date, some engagements I take are at no fee, but I occasionally take them because I have a longer term goal I am working towards, which I would like the brand/ company to play a role in.

Do you seriously love every product / brand that you end up endorsing? 

Absolutely! You will NEVER, and I again repeat never find me endorsing / agreeing to work with a product/ brand that I DO NOT LOVE and genuinely support.

This is applicable to everything I do in my 4 businesses; whether it be a sponsored post/ story, speaking evening, blog, sale, etc.

I must candidly support;

  • The brand (including the brands messaging)
  • The actual product / Service
  • The ingredients (Yes, I am huge in organic , natural, unique products/ ingredients).
Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete 5

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

Why do you do sponsored posts?

First at foremost, because I love the product/ service and their messaging, etc; as I have mentioned in the previous question. Secondly, because they support my livelihood and growth of my businesses.

The same way one would put in the work to receive a paycheck to support themselves financially, I agree to work with brands that I love to support my little family.

Do you take every sponsored opportunity?

Absolutely not. I do not have the time , nor the interest to take on every outreach.

I only work with particular brands/ companies that align with my messaging, which I genuinely love. Also, their “ask” needs to work with my calendar.


Questions/ Comments from other “Influencer’s”

How long have you been doing sponsored work?

Well, I have been running one business or another over the past seven years, none the less, didn’t started my blog and Instagram account, until late 2013. Even then, I didn’t not do sponsored posts. I would then write about my interests, tips, etc. I didn’t start sponsored work until mid-2017, when my blog and Instagram began to grow into its own existence operating as a business.

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete 6

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

How do you get sponsored work?

When I first began working towards sponsored gigs in 2017, I made a list of brands and companies that I would only dream of working with and I would reach out. Yes, I had reached out with emails, but even more importantly, I would call. I had a lot larger of a response with my calls, than answered emails.

I would pitch them with what I had to offer, who my audience was, present the stats of my Instagram account and blog, etc. I was pitching and selling myself, just as I would if I were in-person pitching at a finalist meeting.

Present the data and the facts; data usually wins.

Through the years, I began as well receiving outreaches via email/ phone calls and recently in 2018 through my media agent.

☼ When you are hired for a sponsored gig, how does it work?

First, I scan invites/ outreach as to the alignment and overall message, etc of the brand/ company.

Secondly, I review the “ASK”.

  • How many posts, stories, blogs, videos, etc are they requesting of me?
  • What time frame are they providing me?
  • What agreed payment are they willing to pay/ be negotiated?
  • Are they requiring certain settings, etc ; or giving me leeway and a creator to apply my own artistic touch on the post?
  • Does the post need to be pre-approved or can I simply complete within the requested guidelines and post?

Thirdly, once all agreements have been made, I either document/ outline all the agreed details or a contract is supplied, I then either review with my attorney or have my agent review. Depends on the source of the sponsored gig.

Next, Once all agreed on/ contract is signed, I schedule the writing, photoshoot for the following week.

Lastly, I create my work, edit and post.

Note: Payment usually comes 30 days net completion of the project.

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

Are all of your posts sponsored ? How many sponsored posts do you do per month?

No, all of my posts are not sponsored. I enjoy posting what I want; my thoughts, experiences, personally business objectives, and those few selected sponsored posts.

Really, the amount of sponsored work I agree to per month really varies. It varies on the month, time of year and what else is on my calendar. Remember, Instagram and blogging aren’t my only source of income or priority. I have three other businesses / projects that I have built/ working on developing and hence take my time and priority.

Do you have a certain fee per post, or settle of the proposed amount?

It really comes down to their “ask”. What are they expected of me? Does the company want one Instagram post or 5? Do they also want a YouTube video, blog and / or stories?

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete 3

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

Depending on the above, I evaluate how much of my time it would take me to strategize the deliverable, create the deliverable (including shooting, editing, writing, etc). With that, I have a base fee per project, whether it’s a blog, video, IG post, etc. Usually, we begin at that rate and increase it depending on how many projects and posts they want me to deliver.


Remember, time is money and I wouldn’t charge the same amount to shoot and post one photo (that would take about 2 hours), as I would for a video, blog and Instagram post request (that would take about 12-15 hours).

I would love to hear your feedback and comments below.

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Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen Laura Navarrete 4

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen at the NYC Flour Shop (bakery).

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