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6 Easy Ways to Meet New “MOM Friends”

Alright ladies! Since high-school  or college, you have moved to a new town, made some new friends and since become a MOM.

You don’t have your mom or sister nearby, nor most, or any, of your high-school / college friends who are as well in the same chapter of life, “Motherhood”. As I mentioned before, you have since made some new friends in your new town (The “YOU” referred to is me, in case you hadn’t figured that out) , but again, very few, if any, are as well moms. Of course you are swamped being pulled in every direction from motherhood, being a spouse, balancing home life, your career, hobbies, etc; so the BIG question is…..

How in the world do you meet new mama friends?

This got me thinking, I am in a relatively new town, across country as a matter of fact, and have few friends, let alone mom friends, so where can I meet some?

{1} Meet Up. Yes, there are a ton of mom groups for all sorts of interests. Some general mom groups, some that are specific to newborns, or toddlers, etc. You can search your area for mom groups that have an interest in the arts, or entrepreneurial moms. The possibilities are really endless, and If you can’t exactly find what you are looking for, you can always create a group and host meet-ups.

{2} The Park. You are already at the park every other day with your kids, why not strike up a conversation with the moms around you? You can plan play dates, girls outings, etc. You never know where a new lifelong friend may be.

{3} The Neighborhood. If you are anything life us, we live in a neighborhood that is geared towards “family life”; large units, parks, kids clubs and so on. There are so many possibilities to stop and chat with another mom strolling her kids along.

{4} The Kids School. This one is a given, I don’t know why I didn’t think f it earlier. Your kids are already friends with their classmates who they are comfortable with and look forward to seeing and interacting with 5 day’s a week. You see the parents a number of times during the week during pick up’s, drop -off’s and school events, why not build a relationship with them where you can meet up on weekends or plan a ‘mom’s only dinner”.

{5} Kids Extra Curricular Activities. Are your kid(s) in swimming? Dance? Music? Baseball? Wha-laa! I bet you the parents are there as well for practice drop -offs and cheering on their little(s) during games o r recitals.

{6} Social Media. Yes, I am being serious. There have been a number of mama’s in NYC which I have reached out to with similar interests, goals, etc with no other motive than to connect, getting to them and possible click and have new local friends in that same/ similar chapter of life.

I know it can feel daunting to strike up a conversation or reach out via social media. Of course, use your judgement and don’t meet in isolated places and don’t meet someone for the first time with your kids. If you don’t click when you meet / speak, move on and force it, but none the less, you just meet a message away from a new best friend to add to your list who happens to be a local mama with similar interests.


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