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9 Budget Friendly Ways to Practice Self-Care

Life can be busy and even chaotic at times trying to manage your daily tasks and demanding schedules. It is easy to ignore what you personally need and remain ultra focused on “what needs to get done” for the day, week, etc; but that can take a toll on your mental health and well-being.

As a working mom and entrepreneur, I am all too familiar with the feeling of days being too short, the lack of time and a never ending list of tasks to complete. I have been guilty of ignoring the need for “Me Time” and the impact of this neglect on my personal state of mind, level of stress and overall happiness.

No, I don’t always have time to step away for hours to relax in a spa with a mani / pedi and hour long Swedish massage; and then there’s the financial impact this type of relaxation can have on your wallet.

I am a true believer in the need to allocate personal “you time” and practicing selfcare on a regular (daily/weekly) basis. It helps you maintain your sanity and overall well-being.

There aren’t any rules mandating that self-care must be expensive; so here are some of my favorite budget friendly, healthy selfcare practices, in which I aim to incorporate either daily, weekly, or monthly life permitting.

Laura Navarrete Meditating in Central Park, NYC

{1} Run / Exercise – Running / exercise for myself, is not only healthy physically, but as well, works wonders to clear my mind, provide a natural energy / endorphins and sets a positive outlook for my day.

{2} Pray / Meditate – Nightly, I aim to cut off work time, put away my phone and clear my mind with being thankful for what I have (the blessings and the challenges), meditate and as well, manifest outcomes I desire.

{3} Listen to your Favorite Music & (even) sing your little heart out! – As I have mentioned many times via my blog posts and Instagram captions, I absolutely LOVE music! That may even be an understatement.

Throughout my day, when I am not listening to an audiobook or podcast, I damn well (Yes, I said it) am listening to music. Music just puts me in a “feel good”, energetic state of mind. It’s my overall “happy place” and free therapy whenever needed.

{4} Take a Walk -Living in Manhattan (NYC), I walk quite a bit simply commuting. None the less, walking and personally walking fast, just fuels me and allows me to either brainstorm or spend quality time chatting with the babe (which again, is rare).

{5} Spend time with Friends – At least twice a month, I aim to spend a day/weekend with some of my closest friends. Being with such supportive, positive souls in judgement free zones is so freeing. Finding genuine friends, is sadly, so rare. When you find them, make them family and treasure them.

{6} Unplug to watch your favorite show/ movie – At least once a week, usually Friday or Saturday night when the babe is still working and the little babe (Mr. Cowboy) falls asleep, I try to get in an episode of one of my TV shows. This is if I make it and don’t fall asleep myself. None the less, I do look forward to it, since I rarely watch TV any other time, let alone, a show/ movie I personally want to see.

This Friday night, I am hoping to get in an episode or two of the Netflix original “Cable Girls”. One of my favorite shows.

{7} Journal / Write – This blog originally began as my public journal and form of therapy. It has since evolved, but I still experience a form of satisfaction when writing and doing what I love to do; trying to help others in one way or another.

{8} Get out of the house SOLO! – About once a month, I aim to get out of the house solo. No hubby, no baby; JUST ME! It is only for an hour, maybe a few, and most often to run errands or get my nails / hair done; however the time “solo” is so uplifting. Don’t get me wrong, I love and treasure the time with my baby boy and little family, but we all need “me time” every now and then.

{9} Take a Nap – Now this one is super rare and occurs in two instances for myself, but occasionally super necessary.

  • Like once a year, when I am feeling run down or overly defeated, I force myself to unplug from everything, stay in bed and sleep to recharge, refuel, RE-SET!
  • The other instance, in which I take a nap is about a handful times a year. Perhaps a rare weekend afternoon lounging with the little fam bam or being a passenger on a car drive. Again, super necessary to occasionally let go of what “needs to be done” and just relax. There will always be things/ tasks to be completed.

Share with me, what are some of your favorite methods to relax and allocate selfcare?

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