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10 “Must Have” Items to get your Mom-to-Be

The 10 top things you should get your mom-to-be, even if they aren’t on her registry lists.

Laura Nava 7 months pregnant with son

Alright, speaking from experience, and I am sure that many of you can relate…. When I first got pregnant and was overjoyed with the idea of shopping and adding items to my registries for the baby on the way, I really didn’t know what I truly needed and likewise felt like I needed everything. Yes, we were blessed to have received many generous gift from and off our registries and I as well used cards received for a number of other items, I thought we needed. Long story short, we had so many things that I didn’t even find useful, or just too much and went entirely unused.


I am confident to say that for baby #2, one day, I will solely focus on the items needed and used vs all the fluff, like those sit up chairs and so on.


Here are 10 items that I found so useful, which may not even be on your radar;

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{1} The Nose Frida. Alright, I had actually come across this little contraption while at Buy Buy Baby when still pregnant and thought it was the weirdest thing and of course, super gross. But let me tell you, when the little one became congested at about 3 months old, those traditional suction balls did’t do a darn thing (and I had several, which I tried all of them). Thank god for PrimeNow, at 4:00 AM I had ordered the Nose Frida, had it delivered 2 hours later and yes, it actually works! Not only works, but works wonders.


{2} Soothing Swaddle. Again, was not on our registry nor did we receive any at our baby showers. When my sister came to visit our baby at 2 weeks old, she took us shopping at Target and I figured these would be so convenient vs traditional swaddling that unravels, so I grabbed a pack. Yes, they were absolutely wonderful. A few weeks later, I proceeded to buy another pack, and again in larger sizes as he grew. These are a must!


{3} Muslim Blankets. Yes, we received some as gifts, but I went all out and later bought several more packs. (You through them super fast every week between laundry loads & can use them for everything. In addition to being a blanket, you can as well use as a breast feeding cover, car seat/ stroller cover, and my favorite, change table cover. Yes, there are traditional changing table pads, but they are so small. Our little guy was born long and was just about as long as the biggest changing table cover we had and obviously outgrew it within months. These muslim blankets last as table covered until they are out of diapers.

{4} Boppy Pillow. Perfect to use as a breast feeding prop, but as well later as a sitting / tummy time prop, etc. I as well had another breast feeding pillow brand and by far preferred the Boppy for comfort and ease of positioning.


{5} Backpack Diaper Bag. We initially got my dream crossover body / shoulder diaper bag, which I was head over heels for. A few months later, ended up with two other luxury brand bags, both of which altered between a crossover bag and backpack, however, the straps weren’t comfortable. Later, when we went on our first international trip to Europe, I purchased an inexpensive diaper backpack and its by far been my favorite. It fits plenty, contains a cooling pouch, cup pouches, comfortable, etc. Although the little guy isn’t any longer in diaper, or regularly needs a change of clothes; we still use it occasionally for his snacks, etc.

{6} Breastfeeding Collection Cups. If mama is planning to breastfeed, these cups work wonders. I purchased them myself two weeks into motherhood because I didn’t want to waste my milk that would expel between feeds. You don’t need pads, nor end up with leak spots on your tee, but instead , they collect the milk for a later use. Feeding, milk bath, etc.

{7} Quality manual or battery operated pump. Again, if you are breast feeding, having a good battery operated pump or hand pump is a must. Once at the airport, I had bought a relatively low quality hand pump because I was desperate and my whole hand and forearm would tire so fast to the point of burning, using that thing. I later had read about the hand pump and it hardly took very much work. (Thank goodness).

In addition, later invested in the Spectra II (electronic version) which I would be able to use for pumps in my car while away from the little guy or out working.


{8} Pumping Bag. For those breastfeeding mamas, this is an item I personally didn’t have but wanted and will get in the future. Initially thought, any bad would do. None the less, having to sneak around pumps discreetly in the office or having to carry loads of ice packs, having to lug around Yeti bottles or even worse, store it in your work fridge, just to keep your milk chilled while away from baby…. no thank you.

I would much rather invest in a pump bag, which nicely holds my pump, all the pieces to it, storing containers and keeps the milk chilled.

{9} Rocker/ Slider. I know, this can be a controversial one. I am not at all promoting using it as a bed or during the night, but I loved using the rocker. The little guy found it so relaxing, it freed up my arms to work on things, etc. (Use your own judgement).

{10} Carrier/ Wrap. I personally loved baby wearing. I loved the bonding, the closeness, the warmth and ease over a stroller. Even at home, I would wrap the little guy up in the wrap and get chores done around the apartment.

There were some of my favorite baby  products out there, which I personally got the most use out of. What are some product you couldn’t live without and why? or, what products are you looking to have most with your first baby and why?


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