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Reminder to Self: Don’t Quit

Laura Nava in NYC

I recently had seen a post by @smallbizelite talking about a bucket full of crabs. Once a crab is caught and put into the bucket, it will never escape. “Once in the bucket, the moment a crab reaches for the top and begins to pull itself out, all of the other crabs grab onto it & begin to pull it back in with the rest of them. The moral being that many so called friends and family, whether realizing it or not, do the same thing to you when you share your vision and ideas with them.

Some may act like they support you or show a happy face but behind your back are either rooting against you, doubt you will succeed or try to share their reasons to why your goals / ideas will never work.

Regardless what your goals are, we all have had (or have) someone in our lives who has done this to us. Don’t give up! Keep your eye on your goal & DO NOT listen or dare begin to second guess your vision due to their reasons of why it will never work.

I am a true believer that there is always a way.

You may fail 100x, but if you keep at it and recreating the way, you will eventually get there. Most successful people I have ever met, regardless of the line of their success, have failed a number of times, but what their stories have had in common is their perseverance that lead them to what they sought and then some.

If you see it and truly believe in it, GO GET IT!

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