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Screening Other People’s Opinions

Laura Nava (@itslauranava) with Toddler son 2019

Tip #1, Screen Other People’s Opinions to be your best self.

When I was a kid, my dream was to grow up and be a singer. My sister, cousin and I would pretend we were singers traveling and putting on performances. **Every now and then, my cousin and I would get into an argument over who would get to be Mariah Carey that particular day. Haha.. memories.

During the holidays and family gathers, we would assemble a playlist of songs, choreograph dance routines, create programs and yes, sometimes would even sell our family members tickets to our performances.

Ahhh, how I loved dancing and signing.

As I share those fond memories, thinking back, there were also the memories that would break my heart and make me resentful to some extent.

1) Being told that dreaming of being singer wasn’t a serious goal /career,

2) Being told that the reality of being successful was slim to none

3) Being told that I wasn’t good enough to succeed.

Okay, perhaps all of this is true. I am no Mariah Carey; but what hurt the most was the lack of encouragement and most of all, being told I COULDN’T do something.

Looking back, I am more than positive it wasn’t really the career field for me, Haha. (As my only fan is #MRCOWBOY here). Although I still love to sing and dance.
But the lessons, I have since held in my heart for the past 15+ years have been;

1) When I had kids one day, I promised myself that I would never tell them they couldn’t pursue an interest, etc. My ideology around this now is, try it and decide for yourself& if you enjoy it and / or are good at it. **If they enjoy it, even if it isn’t for a livelihood, go out and do it.

2) DON’T LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS. Regardless what it is, whether it’s a career goal, your sense of fashion, the music that makes your soul happy, parenting tips, etc; do what makes YOU Happy! If you (I) constantly step down from goals, ideas, interests, etc due to the fear of other peoples options/ comments; you (I) will never accomplish what really makes YOURSELF #Happy.
NOTE: it wasn’t my parents, they were & still are some of the MOST supportive of any of my wild ideas/ goals. 😍 Thank you mom & dad for always believing In me.


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