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You Had the Power All Along

Laura Nava (@Itslauranava)

“Darling, you had the power all along”.

Life can be a bit hectic, throw curveballs, bring uncertainty or self doubt; that’s just life for ya. But regardless what obstacle comes your way or no matter what hesitancy creeps in, I am a huge advocate for believing that you can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself and focus. YOU; your mind, your body and spirt are capable of so much more than you regularly give yourself credit for.

Although this is a mindset I carry daily & work endlessly to Instill in my son, I was recently reminded of this powerful thought by my remarkable sister.

There’s knowledge that can be shared, lessons we can be taught but there are just some experiences which we MUST experience ourselves to truly learn from and realize what we are really capable of.

Thank you @monicarichkosann for the beautiful “Dorthy Medallion“ necklace. I wear it to remind myself of the strength , voice and power I hold within.


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