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The Right Time, Does it Exist?

Laura Nava in NYC

Wouldn’t it be nice if “the right time” was something would just make itself obvious, like a knock on the door or if we could just schedule it into our calendars?

It would be nice if we could just pencil in the perfect time on iCAL …. You know, in just 4 months, 20 days, 11 hours and 21 seconds the RIGHT TIME will arrive and all will be perfectly fine, because it’s absolutely , without a doubt, the right time.

The right time to…..

– Start a new business

– Begin working out

– Learn the latest TIKTOK dance

– Resume practicing your faith

– Ask for a raise

– Move to a new state/ city / area

– Pitch new prospects

– Attempt your side hustle

– Call that friend you haven’t kept in touch with

– Invest in yourself/ your future

– Start a family

– Get married

Regardless what it is, I wish I could assure you that you’ll be notified when it’s the absolute perfect time, but unfortunately that isn’t how life works.

Will we ever have all the answers? Will we ever be 120% prepared? Will the time ever be absolutely perfect?

Although I have been a planner and for the most part struggle with the idea of when things aren’t coming together as PLANNED, but some fo the best results, biggest successes I have had have come from either just jumping in and rolling with it. Learn as you go, make adjustments as needed, take a break, but whatever you do, just keep going.

What is something you have been putting off waiting for the RIGHT TIME?

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