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Letter to My Pregnant Sister

Laura Nava's Sister and Brother in Law

To my Little sister,

It’s almost time and your baby girl is almost here. You will become a mama for the very first time and your world is about to be forever changed from life you knew.

As I approached my due date, I had thought I prepared and understood entirely the new chapter we were about it embark; but I don’t think you can really grasp that you will never again be the same person.

You heart is about to grow X a million. No matter how much I’ve loved and love, it wasn’t until the arrival of this little guy that I truly grasped the meaning of bonafide unconditional love and it is so amazing, you’ll see. It’s a kind of love that is deeper, bottomless and at times literally make you wonder how your heart doesn’t implode.

You will come to learn about this strength you are currently unaware you have. You can and will do the hard things .

Becoming a mom was the most profound experience of my life. In the early days, I would spend countless days admiring every part of his little body in aww of the tiny little human we created and for weeks in euphoria with the mere thought of being blessed to be this little boys mama.

I am not going to give you a bunch of unsolicited advice, but the one message I do want to send your way is that no matter how tired or busy you may get in this thing we call “life”, literally enjoy and treasure all the memories in the making. Yes, even the long nights, the crying, the days you’ll spend at home in a robe, ALL OF IT; because one thing i know for sure, the time passes far too quickly.

Becoming a mom will change every part of you, in ways you never thought possible, but I promise, you will embrace and love this new chapter to the fullest. Just wait until you hear her calling out “mama” in excitement as you get home after a long day of work. It’s seriously the BEST!

I love you so very much, Love always your big sister

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