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Laura Nava and newborn son

Who are we kidding? Mothers Day is everyday and with that, I would like to reflect of the woman who not only gave me life, but has taught me more than I can note of being the woman I am today and the mother I wish to be.

That’s right, My mother! Probably the most selfless, patient person I know. I mean this with all seriousness. Regardless of how stubborn I can be or have been, she has always comforted me with open arms and comfort that all will turn out alright. (and… There have been too many of those moments through my 33 years).

My mom has taught me that you achieve more by taking a step back, stopping and listening, rather than getting defensive or speaking without meaning.

She has taught me to look on the bright side and that I don’t have to always have everything figured out. Life is a learning process and lessons will always be taught.

She has taught me the importance and value to learn how to do things on my own. She has taught me how to be independent before relying on someone else.

Regardless the distance, disagreements, the rambling I do, bad days, circumstances, the persistence of wanting give a new idea a shot, etc; she has always provided unconditional love and unrelenting support.

She is selfless and loving, devoted and always “just a call away”. She is a listening ear and a warm hug. She is supportive and proud. She is my mom and there aren’t enough words to describe all that she is to me.



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