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Wedding Stationary by Basic Invite

wedding Stationary by Laura Nava

For those who know me well can attest to my love for throwing a good party surrounded by great company. There is just something so gratifying about seeing the satisfaction in everyone’s demeanor, having a ball, enjoying great food and overall,  enjoying themselves to the tee. 

With the planning of one of our biggest celebrations ahead in 2021, our wedding, we of course have been obsessing over the details. Of course, it is about our special day and the memories we will reflect back on through our lifetime, but we as well want all of our guests to fully immerse in the celebration and genuinely enjoy themselves. 

WEDDING PLANNING …… At first thought seems to be pretty simply. At least it had appeared it would be to me prior to being engaged. I was looking forward to browsing dreamy gowns, mouth watering food, breathtaking flower arrangements and “get your boogy” on vibing bands. But could I have been any more wrong about that? Yes, of course, those details are included but there are so many more details to account for than I had initially imagined. I am sure for those of you who have gotten married, have stories for days which you can share and I am open ears over here. 

Some of the details that didn’t initially cross my mind were whether the venue contained a dance floor, or AC, whether flowers would be in season, whether dining ware was included or not, or….. what the paper quality of wedding stationary felt like. Seriously, all of these details, and then some, never even crossed my mind. 

When we FINALLY found our venue, and that itself will be another story for you, we were excited for the fun planning to begin and with that, excited to share the news with our loved ones. 

We began browsing sites for “Save the Dates” to be consumed with so many more options and details to consider. 

Do we go with a card or a magnet? 

How far in advance  do we send them out? 

What card stock weight do we go with? 

What paper finishing is the best quality, while still being the most economical? 

Seriously the details to select from were endless and my mind was indeed, again overwhelmed. So, I am sure you can imagine the sense of relief I encountered when I was introduced to Basic Invite by a friend of mine. 

Basic Invite actually had a template similar to what I had been envisioning all along, plus provided the capability to make the custom edits making it “just ours”. 

wedding Stationary by Laura Nava Basic Invite

One of my favorite features was the capability to create a few different options and order samples. Yes samples that you actually receive in the mail and can hold in your hand. This was a selling factor for me. It gave us the chance to, not only create our vision virtually, but to as well experience it and ensure it met what we were looking for once it was printed and received. 

I had created “save the dates”, “wedding invites” and “thank you card” samples, which I literally counted down the days to receiving. 

Now to elaborate on why this capability was a selling point for us: 

Once we received the sample cards, we were able decide between the sizes, the paper type, the font, foil colors, envelope types, and so on that we liked best and wanted to move forward with. 

In addition, along with the samples, we received a booklet containing color options, envelope addressing and then some. This as well made it a breeze for us to make edits to our original creation prior to submitting our final order. 

Wedding Stationary by Laura Nava

With Basic Invite, you first find your perfect design, customize every single  element from the font, color, envelope, photo, and more. Looking to save time, dinero and minimize the stress? I highly recommend Basic Invite. 

Let me throw another benefit at ya…… Ready for it? They offer a free wedding website to customers and a list a free downloadable templates, which include shower games, name cards, table numbers and more. 

wedding Stationary by Laura Nava

To save 15% through June 30, 2020, use code “15FF51”

Wedding Stationary by Laura Nava, Basic Invite

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