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AMAZON: Household Gadgets to Get ASAP

Laura Nava and Ninja Foodi

#1 Ninja Foodie Air Fryer – This here is the King of Air FryersI originally purchased last summer (2019) because I was obsessed with the idea of quick dinner, with a crunch and minimizing the oil usage. When I received it, it has unopened in the box for nearly 6 months since it was pushed in the corner. Once I set it up and began using, I haven’t looked back. This is probably my most used kitchen appliance, aside from my water kettle.

#2 Silicone Baking Mat – These baking mats are the best when it comes to baking and you can’t be the price of $13 for a set of two. I normally would use a sheet of foil to help with clean up and ease, but these sheets are reusable and great for the planet with less waste.

#3 Ninja Foodi Blender– This kitchen appliance is amazing. Quit honestly I was a little skeptical at first wondering what more it could so aside from the obvious, blending. Let me tell you, you can cook a whole meal (soup) all in this one appliance and the meals taste amazing.

#4 Apparel Steamer – I hate ironing and will pick out a new / different outfit to avoid ironing. However, with the handheld steamer, it heats quickly and only takes a few seconds to steam out wrinkles.

#5 Blink Camera – The comfort of adding securing to your home without breaking the bank. The additional plus, it can run on batteries (or plug) and you can view everything from your phone.

#6  MECO Camera– I love setting this camera up to watch over the dogs when we are going to be away from home all day. It has a two way speaker so we can comfort them when away for a few hours.

#7 Veggie Chopper / Dicer  – Exactly what it sounds like. Pick a blade size, input the onion, tomato , etc ; press down and its shopped/ diced. Super easy and saves a ton of time in the kitchen.

#8 Electric Kettle – I personally don’t like to use the microwave so this electric kettle is perfect for warming water for my tea, coffee, oatmeal, etc. The opportunities are endless.

#9 Smart Home Electric Plugs – Simply plug in, set up and control the times / usage of any item you plug into it. Google home and Alexa compatible.

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