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Lavalier – Are your jewels insured?

Alright ladies, and gentlemen; if you’re anything like me, once the conversations of marriage had begun between Joseph and I, my obsession with browsing dream engagement rings online kicked up ten notches. 

Who am I kidding? 

I still browse engagement rings and they are still one of the top three items that pop up on my instagram feed. 

Although the topic of marriage had been well underway between Joseph and I, the night he popped the question, to say he completely took me by surprise, would be an understatement. I was literally speechless and the first words I was finally able to mumble were something along the lines of “is this really happening?”, along with some sort of head nod to indicate a “yes”. 

I was floating on cloud nine and the intense tiredness and hunger I was so hyper-focused on moments before, suddenly dissipated. The moment was perfect and I could not stop starring at my gorgeous engagement ring. 

Of course, I had given him plenty of, not so subtle, hints of what I liked and not; but I was still quite surprised on how he took all of my input combined with what he knew about my character and style, as well as his own and delivered with a gorgeous custom rose gold engagement ring. 

After living on cloud nine for the rest of the evening (and weeks to come), the next morning, I knew that I needed to look into insuring my newly treasured engagement ring. I am not sure whether this is a thought that passes through the mind of every newly engaged bride to be or a result of; 

  • The personal stories I have heard of  women I knew accidentally misplacing / losing their engagement ring/ wedding band; 
  • The fact that I had obsessed over / dreamed of engagement rings for the previous 9+ months and had a good idea what they went for…. I simply wouldn’t be able to bare with the guilt of losing something of such sentimental value but as well, monetary value, or; 
  • My 17 years of experience in the insurance industry, where I comprehended the act of insuring anything of value, which now included my new engagement ring. (** Just to be clear, I am in employer heath insurance, so unrelated to P&C but regardless, I understand & appreciate the act of insuring what is most important. *** I am not an agent or affiliated with Lavalier Insurance). 

I’d say, it was a combination of all the above. 

The following morning, I began doing my research on jewelry insurers and comparing what each company covered. 

As a side note, did you know that most jewelry warranties and renter’s/ homeowner’s policies do not have you covered if you were to lose your ring.  If they at all do cover any portion of jewelry, it usually is for damage, occasionally theft, and still only cover a portion of the value or cap the amount. Thus the importance for obtaining coverage specially for your most valued jewelry. 

Upon my search, I had narrowed down my options to two insurance carriers and by day two, I had settled on moving forward with Lavalier for a number of reasons. 

First off, obtaining a quote with Lavalier, was super quick and easy. It literally only took about 30 seconds. I entered my zip code, the appraised value of my ring (which was provided with the certificate from the jeweler) and the deductible I was comfortable with. Just like that, I had a quote with an annual premium. (Get your quote here). 

Next, and the most important, was the coverage Lavalier offered. Lavalier insurance is specific to jewelry coverage and not only covers you and your jewelry against damage and theft, but as well against loss anywhere in the world. The coverage against loss, was one of the primary convincing factors for myself. No one plans to lose their most valued items, but the protection against that minuscule chance of “what if” brought me much comfort. 

Coverage with Lavalier is estimated to annually cost 1-2% of the value of your ring (or jewelry) being insured. Which in my opinion, the peace of mind and guardianship provided on such  monumental and sentimental piece, is worth every cent. Furthermore, Lavalier offers discounts if your jewelry has a grading report from either GIA, GSI, AGS, Tiffany, Forevermark or if you have a home alarm, home safe or store your jewelry in a bank safety deposit box. 

Let me add, as if all that coverage, wasn’t already music to the ears; when you already have an in force policy with Lavalier, any new jewelry purchases are inherently insured with limited coverage for up to 30 days. This gives you ample time to evaluate whether or not to officially add the new purchase to your policy. Adding new purchases to your existing policy for full coverage can literally be completed within 5 minutes. 

You can rest assured that if the inevitable were to ever occur and you needed to file a claim for a lost or damaged piece of jewelry, Lavalier’s claims settlement is tailored to you. They work with you and a jeweler of your choice to repair or replace your piece, opposed to a generic third party. The process is designed to be as painless as possible from start to finish. 


Overall, I can personally attest, the peace of mind Lavalier brings me with their worldwide comprehensive “all risk” coverage is invaluable.  I know that my most sentimental and valued pieces of jewelry are protected against damage, theft, loss and even mysterious disappearance anywhere in the world.

For those who know me well, preparation and insuring against the odds are incredibly important. So whether you are newly engaged and insuring that bright and shiny carat or your great grandmothers heirloom diamond earring (true story); you can rest well assured with Lavalier’s quick, easy and comprehensive coverage.


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