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4 Tips to Channeling Inner Happiness & Peace

Laura Nava and FujiInstax

Channeling my inner happiness!

In this world of multi-tasking, we can all get sucked into the idea of hustle that we forget to appreciate the little things that make life so great. 

{1} Love like crazy! Honor that innate desire to remember and be reminded of its connection. 


{2} Give up people pleasing & taking to heart #otherpeoplesopinions. I have always been natural born helper. I feel great satisfaction knowing I can be of help to others. However, this as has been one of my downfalls,  because I either find myself over committing or simply committing regardless of the impact on how I felt about it. Don’t give into your goals and dreams because of other people’s opinions and secondly, it’s okay to sometimes say “no”. 


{3} Let go of control! Or try to, haha. This one is really difficult for myself almost daily,  being a recovering perfectionist. However , I try to be conscious of it. Understand that you can not control everything in life. First and foremost, you can only control your own actions, but even them somethings are out of your ability to control and instead try to make the best of the situation. Things happen in their intended timing, trust in the universes timing! 


{4} Don’t forget to laugh! Don’t overthink or take things so seriously. Enjoy the moments for what they are. 

What are some practices you do to practice peace within?

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