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Mindset: Power of Thought

Laura Nava

Life!!! (More running thoughts)

Life is a rollarcoaster. Regardless what current wave you are currently in, ,there will be ups, downs and in between’s; but it is up to you and what you do with the moments that reflects what waves you spend the most time in.

Occasionally I get comments about how I can be so positive even in trying times. So hear me out!

I truly don’t believe it is possible to be in GREAT, HAPPY, POSITIVE MOMENTS ALL THE TIME (WITH THE ABSENCE OF DOWN/ TRYING TIMES) and the mere fantasy that one can and will achieve this (happiness all the time, whether its being sought in a job, relationship, etc) can actually bring more negativity than good. If one is searching for the happily ever after that is ALL butterflies and perfection (in anything), I feel that they are instead spending more time than not in despair because they are more often disappointed and frustrated in the lack of this “idea” coming to fruition.

Yes, I face trying times, frustration, sadness, worries, feelings of defeat and so on; however when I find myself in these lows (of the rollercoaster ride) I remind myself of first the blessings I have in my life and secondly, focus on what I CAN do about the situation. Negative thoughts and feelings will creep in ,but DON’T let them sit there for long. The power of thought is far more mighty than many give credit to. Feed your mind with greatness.

We all have highs and lows, its life; but I would much rather spend far more time enjoying the highs than pointing fingers/blame, wondering about “what if’s, resentment, sorrow and so on in the lows.

If you have been feeling down, defeated, lacking motivation…it’s okay. It will pass. The sun will shine again. ☀️

How are you feeling lately?


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